Get Right Hairstyle, Men. No Face Shape Knowledge Needed.

Choosing a hairstyle according to your face is an easy thing but some people get stuck into it. They are unable to find those attractive hairstyles which are for their face.

There are two major reasons behind it, first is that they are unable to know exactly what is their face shape? Although there are lots of articles and different techniques for doing so, but some of us(maybe you too) still in confusion, about our face shape.

The second reason is remembering the name of different men’s hairstyles, see there are different article for finding right hairstyle according to your face shape, those article shows us different hairstyles (with hard to remember type names) which suit on different face shape.

But sometimes it is hard to remember those names and sometimes it hard to get that hairstyle exactly what we read in different articles thus we are unable to find our hairstyles and it gets more difficult when you have no idea what your face shape is.

So, here I’m going to tell you the technique which will let you find those hairstyles which will suit you, even if you don’t know your face shape. 

And you don’t need to remember those hairstyles names because I’ll not give you the list of different hairstyles and let you left in confusion. I’ll tell you the rule of getting a suitable haircut for your face and after that, you will able to decide which hairstyle will suit you, by yourself. 

Do some preparation 

a guy wit ng cury hair.

For understanding and applying the rule perfectly to you, you need some preparation. Here is what you should prepare before knowing that rule. 

Know your face structure-

Something like ‘knowing your face shape’, No!! I’m not going to tell that pick up a measuring tape and start measuring blah-blah. Just here you have to be familiar with your face, know more about your face which you see at least 3 times in a day in your mirror. 

Just know your face structure, is your face is Sharp/structured or chubby/rounded that’s it. 

It is not so tough just to see your face once in the mirror and find your face structure, find out that, is your face is sharp or your face has chubby and it is rounded? just by seeing it in the mirror. 

Know your face’s length-

Again something like measuring and all, no clearly not. Here you just have to know about your face length just by seeing in the mirror, in a rough way. 

Know your face length is your face is tall or small or it has a medium length, height-wise. You don’t need to measure it with any type of measuring element. Just look at your face and get an idea of your face length. 

The rule of getting perfect men’s haircut. 

Now, this is the most important part of the article, now I’m going to reveal the 2 secrets, by which a man gets his right haircut.

Basically, It is a normal rule but nobody tells us about that. It is the easiest way to find a perfect hairstyle for a man. 

  • The opposite rule. 

The first rule which is ‘the opposite rule’ this means that doing the opposite thing with your hair. Let me explain more- consider that you have around the jawline and medium length face. Now try to give your hair a cut which is just opposite than that, like; a structured haircut (flat top). 

Now if you have a structured face with a sharp jawline( it can wear any hairstyle) something curvy hairstyle will work best on you like; slick back, side-swept, and all. 

  • Keep it normal. 

The second rule is ‘keeping it normal’. Let us know in depth about this rule. Keeping it normal means making your face similar to an ideal/normal men’s face.

Consider that you have a tall face and if you will get a haircut which has volume (like; pompadour) then it will make your tall face even taller, isn’t it?? Try a haircut with low or zero volume (side-swept or ponytail) 

The same applies to other faces too, like if you have a small face length then get some volume in your hair it will make you similar to a normal/ideal man. 

If your face has chubby and it is wider than your head then get a hair cut in which side should be long or medium it will cover that dis-balance. 

What about length?

A gut with ng hair wav.

A lot of people have that problem, which I have to consider here is that, which hair length will suit me?

Let me tell you that deciding a hair length of man has no rule, it depends on men, individually. It depends on the individual man’s character who wear it. Like if you are a businessman then a medium-length or short length, if you are a teenager, rockstar then long length. And if you are a guy who knows well how to manage different hair lengths like a male fashion model then you can try any hair length. 


Every advice on choosing the right men’s hairstyle is depending on these 2 rules. Just you guys have to understand it well and that’s it. No need to remembering those hairstyles and knowing your face shape. 

Just these 2 rules will help you to get the right hairstyle for you. 

If you read both rules still facing a problem for getting a hairstyle which will make you a fascinating guy then don’t hesitate to share it with me in a comment, I’m there.

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