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Are you fond of hairstyles and beard styles, then you would know your face shape. What!!! No, don’t say no!!!! Is it not a shameful thing?? Not shameful but you cannot call yourself a good hairstylist or bearded person, because you don’t even know your face shape.
Now, your question will, what’s the connection between hair and face shape or beard and face shape?? Isn’t it?? So let me answer your question!!
You often see a hairstyle that looks good on a person, but that same hairstyle looks terrible on another person and the same thing happens with a beard. So it is the flaw of that person No!!, so it is the flaw of that hairstyle, Nope!!! It is the flaw of face shapes. The hairstyles suit any face shape and look terrible on other face shapes.
So, the synopsis is that your hairstyle, beardstyle depends on your face shape. So knowing about your face shape is a must for making your face look good, even if you are fond of shades and spects then the knowledge of face shape’s gonna help you to bring the best one for you.


A gadget for measuring –

A measuring tape to measure the length of different parts of your face. If you haven’t you can take a thread and a scale as an alternative.
Take measurements by putting one end of the thread on point and use your thumb to mark the second point on the thread. And after that put that length on the scale and read that data.

A pencil and page –

For noting down the date you needed a pen or pencil and a page.
Let us not extravagance much time and get started – 
As I say I will tell you the easiest way of calculating your face shape and you can identify your face shape in just 2 steps.
So, it is the time for revealing that both steps,


This is the first step of identifying your face shape, in which you have to take measurements of your face from different angles.
Both requiring materials will be used in this step. It is time to begin your first step, take your measuring scale, pen, and paper –

Measure Jawline

Shown how to measure the length of jawline of your face.
Take your measuring tool, it is time for some geometry.
  • The starting point will be the chin center and the ending point will on that curvy point from where your face bone turned up. (You can see in the upper image).
  • Take the measurement between the starting point and ending point.
  • Whatever its length is multiply it with 2.
  • Now, this will be your jawline’s length. Note it down on paper.

Measure Forehead

Shown the way of measuring forehead
After measuring your jawline, it is time for measuring your forehead’s length.
  • Take your measuring tool, whether it is a measuring tape or a thread.
  • Put its the starting point on that side, where your side hairline started. The ending point will the same position on the other side of your forehead. (see the upper image).
  • Take the measurement between the ending point and starting point.
  • It is your forehead’s length, note it down.

Measure cheekbones

Now, we are going to measure our cheekbones. It is something many people measure it wrong because there was no right direction of measuring it. It is hard to measure cheekbones length perfectly, but here I’ll give you the easy direction for measuring it perfectly-
  • The starting point will be the pointest part of bones on your cheek, which is about 1-3 cm Far from your ear(depends on your face), and below your eye’s corner.
  • The ending point is the same on the other side.
  • Take the measurement from starting point to ending point.
  • It will be your cheekbone’s length, note it down.

Measure face’s length

Shown how to measure face length, with vector sketch of face.
The last is, measuring the length of the face. A bit easy to measure.
  • Just start the center of your hair from where the hairline starts and end it on the center of your chin. (see upper image).
  • Take measurements from starting point to ending point.
  • This will be your face’s length, note it down.


After taking the measurements of four different regions, now it is time to identifying the face shape by those measurements.

Oval shape

Vector sketch image of an oval face shape.
The first type of shape is oval. If your measurement is similar to the given below then your face shape is oval…
Face length > Cheekbones
Forehead > Jawline
The jawline is rounded rather than sharp.

Triangular shape

The next is Triangular shape, the simple rule in this shape that length of the upside of the face is less than the length of the downside, let me clarify-
Jawline > cheekbones > forehead.
Face’s length doesn’t matters.
If your face’s measurements are something like in the upper quoted text then your face shape is triangular.

Heart shape

The next is a heart shape, you can say it opposite of the triangular face shape.
Like in triangle face shape the downside length is greater and then cheekbone’s and then upside length which is forearms. In this face, all measurements will be the exact opposite, see below for more clarity-
Forehead > cheekbones > jawline
The chin is edgy
 If your face measurement is like above then you have a heart shape of your face.

Rectangular shape

Vector sketch image of an rectangular face shape.
The next is a rectangular shape, in the measurement which matters most is the face’s length, if your face length is greater than all the measurements and the other measurements are almost similar then you have a rectangular face shape.
Face length > other measurements
Jawline = forehead = cheekbones

Round shape

Vector sketch image of a round face shape.
Next is round shape, it is a bit easy to find that your face is not in the other 5 shapes if you have a rounded, soft, and less defined jawline. Because there are only two face shapes that have this type of jawline. The problem occurs to determine whether your face is oval or rounded.
Cheekbones = face length
They are greater than
Jawline = forehead.
Jawline is soft, rounded and less defined.
If your cheekbone’s and face length’s measurement is similar and greater than jawline and forehead whichever measurement is also similar, and your jawline is rounded then your face shape is round.

Diamond shape

The next face is a diamond shape. Imagine a diamond-like in a diamond the middle part is widest and then upper part and then the narrower parts is the down. The same occurs with your face, if your cheekbones are widest and then your forehead and then the smallest measurement is jawline and your face length is largest than all measurements then your face shape is diamond.
Face length is greater than all measurements.
If your measure is something like the upper quoted text then your face shape is diamond.

Square shape

Vector sketch image of an square face shape.
The next and last shape is a square face shape. Nothing to do, if you measure your face in that four way and you found all the results similar then you don’t have to worry, you have measured it correctly. The reason you found all results similar because you have a square face shape.

All measurements almost similar


These were the two steps of calculating face shape, if you do exactly how I described then you will surely identify your face shape.
So, if you have found your face shape now it will be easy for you to find the hairstyles and beard style.
There are lots of articles you would find on google that how to get the hairstyle, beard style, and best sunglasses according to your face shape.
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