How to style kurta pajama : A complete guide on Indian traditional wear.

Hey!! Guys today I'm going to introduce all to a very elegant and stylish men's attire. If you are from India then you are known to it, but if you are from other countries rather than India than it will new for you.
Three men wearing kurta pajama in different ways.
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I'm talking about India's traditional fashion wear of men, which is kurta-pajama. See, in India almost every men used to wear a kurta pajama specially if you are from Punjab or Haryana. But there are other states in India and other countries in world who are now grabbing this attire, nowadays. 

So, when everyone is wanted to grab and style this attire, then as a fashion blogger why would I sit back? So I thought let us right a post on 'how to style your kurta-pajama'. I will give here some tips which will help you to look stylish in your kurta-pajama. 
By following These guides you will be able to style your any type of kurta-pajama on any situation. 

Let's explore - 
Let us talk about kurta, first. There are various varieties or types of kurtas for men to go with. You should choose the best one of them for you. They look almost similar, they have only two or three major things that makes difference between these varieties of kurtas. 


A white and a black kurta with different types of collars.

There are mostly two types of collar in men's kurta. First is a normal shirt type collar and the second is short Chinese collar

The first type collar is found in pathani kurtas, If your kurta's collar is first type then for better styling you should upen up 2-3 button from upside. Never fastened every button. This is basically a stiffed collar it needs more care, you should iron it and take care that it should stiff always. 

The other type of kurtas rather than a pathani kurta have that second type of collar, if your kurta's collar is second type the Chinese or small collar then the most important thing you should take care that it's shoulder should not be much tight. 

Meant to say that this collar type kurta look stylish if it is wear with full button closed. So, when you are going to close all button then your kurta should be littlebit loose fit on shoulder, otherwise you are not gonna feel comfortable with it. 

Sleeves or Half-Sleeves

As usual, there are two types of sleeves in kurtas. Full sleeves and half sleeves. But people prefer wearing a long sleeve kurta, mostly. You should wear a half sleeve kurta only if you have a great physique and especially a big biceps

Styling Full sleeves

So, now lets talk about full sleeves kurta's sleeve. When it comes to full sleeves there are two main types of full sleeves available in kurtas. 

The first is stiffed cuff sleeve end and the second is sleeve with normal end. The stiffed cuff sleeve end type kurta's sleeve or you can say it a normal shirt like sleeve. This type kurta is best for rolling your sleeves and let your forearms be-enhance.

The second is sleeve with normal end it does not have any cuff. You can not roll the sleeves of This type of kurta's. If you wanted to enhance your forearms in this type of kurta then you can pull it lilbit, it will give your kurta an elegant. look. 

If you are one of them who love being simple and doesn't wants to pull or roll his sleeves, then you should care that your sleeve should be little bit tight on forearms position and it should be end just before your wrist.


3 different types of men's pajama paired uo witha kurta.

So, after describing a lot about styling a kurta in right way let us move on and get some tips about pajama. There are three basic types of pajama for wearing with men's kurta. 

The first is chudidar pajama , second is normal fit chinos type pajama and the last is that loosen fit pajama. They all have their own specialty. They look good according to different circumstances.

The best type that I would prefer you should go with, is that second type of pajama. Because it is all-rounder type pajama you can wear it on any situation whether you are going on Someone’s wedding or you are just wearing it for normal outing, the second type of pajama gonna look well on every situation. That's why most people pair up their kurta with chinos, nowadays. 

If you want you can go with the other two types of kurta, I'm not saying that they are gonna look bad on you. 

But they will sometimes look little bit awkward, like take a example of that chudidar kurta if you pair it with sandals then imagine how it gonna look. Don't worry after reading this post completely you will be able to style those two type of pajama also. 

After talking about the main topic like types and styling of kurta and pajama let us know about some other items to wear with your kurta-pajama... 

Pairing it up with full sleeve's upper wear. 

When we talk about styling a kurta pajama in winters then the first thing that comes in our mind that which type of upper wear gonna look cool with kurta pajama on different situations. If there are severe cold then wearing a upper wear is must. That's why Being a stylish guy we should know how to rock with them. 
  • If you are going on some special occasion then you should not wear some casual jacket or something with your kurta-pajama, a formal looking kurta-pajama jacket or you can say it a full-sleeves Nehru jacket, it will best for occasions like wedding. 
  • If you are wearing your kurta pajama just for going out some normal places then you have many options to pair with your kurta. Like; normal jacket (bomber or leather), coat etc. 

Pairing it with no-sleeve's upper wear

Styling a kurta pajama with vests
The trend of wearing a kurta pajama with some no-sleeve's item is rocking. It is my personal favourite style for wearing a kurta pajama. If there is mild cold or spring season then you could not resist wearing your kurta with that style. 
  • For special occasion you can pair your kurta-pajama with a vest or no-sleeve's nehru jacket it is gonna be look rocking. 
  • Always keep in mind that if your kurta is in plain colour then you should go with some patterned vests or jacket, and if your kurta have some pattern or floral print on it then you should wear it with a plain colour vestor jacket. 
  • For normal outing you can try some other no sleeves jacket like seen in 1st fig. In above image. 

Styling Watches and bracelet 

Styling a watch with kurta-pajama

After talking about clothing items let us move on accessories. How you have to wear accessories with your kurta pajama for looking a stylish guy. Besides watches the other item that is famous as a accessory of kurta pajama is a men's kangan. We usually wear our watches in left hand and the kangan has to wear just the opposite hand you are wearing your watch. 
  • When we talk about kurta pajama it is taken as more formal wear rather than casual. So when it is up on watches then, a watch that is best for styling a formal wear is gonna look stylish also with your kurta pajama. 
  • If you are pairing your kurta pajama with a stylish full sleeve's coat or jacket then you should avoid wearing any type of hand's accessories. 
  • When you are going for a pathani kurta or normal outing kurta then a watch in one hand and a kangan in another hand is gonna be a best combo. 
  • If you wanna enhance your look a lili bit more then always try to match your watch colour woth your shoe color. 


4 types of shoes pair with kurta-pajama.

Shoes play a very important roll for styling your kurta pajama. It is not that type of attire on which you can wear varieties of shoes. It is an attire on which rare  types of shoes you can style. 
The four types of shoes that is common or least for wearing woth kurta pajama-
Jutti or nagara (fig. 4) 
The first and traditional type of shoe that was used to wear from long time with kurta-pajama. 
You can not wear it for normal outing it is only for special occasion like parties and all. 
Sandals (fig. 3)
Normal looking and just for normal outing. You can wear it with yiur kurta pajama if you are just going on some casual places. You can not wear it on special occasions. 
Boat (fig. 2)
This is the new type of shoes for kurta-pajama.
 I personally do not prefer wearing it, but Lots of people started wearing it with kurta pajama, nowadays. You can style your kurta pajama with it, it is basically a type of loafer with some differences.
Loafers (fig. 1)
The last and the best one shoes for that attire, because it is all rounder type of shoe especially, when we talk about pairing it with kurta-pajama. It is my personal favourite you can wear it almost every place wherever you go with your kurta pajama. 

Gamchha or wrapper

Gamchha with kurta pajama

This is something that people was used to wear it for absorbing their sweat in summers and protective themselves from cold in winters. But that is now turned in to a style and now the people who ar fond of wearing kurta-pajama often go with that gamchha or wrapper.
While kurta-pajama has short collar that's why lots of people use that gamchha for giving their neck a contrast. 
The best rule of styling your gamchha with kurta pajama is following the opposite rule, meant to say if you are wearing a light colour kurta then use dark colour wrapper and if you are wearing a pattern less or plain kurta then use patterned and printed gamchha... VICE-VERSA. 


Kirta pajama style with shades.

The last but not least is a shade. When we are talking about styling an attire then how can we forget about this. Shades are the ablomb of any style so how can we left it alone, while we are styling our kurta-pajama. Here are some tips for styling a shades... 
  • Do not wear your shade at night. Shades are not for wearing at night. But if it necessary for you then you can go with spects if you wanted to cover your eyes. 
  • You can try other colours, but it should match uo with any item of your outfit like; kurta, watch, shoe or pajama. You can not wear a yellow colour shade while your kurta is blue and pajama is white.
  • That's why the best thing that, always give priority to a dark black glass's shades.


These are some tips that will surely help you to stand out in a crowd even if there, everyone is wearing the same attire the kurta and pajama. 
These are complete guide one can give you on style a kurta pajama, now it is up to you how you can take it and make your kurta payjama look fabulous on you. 

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