How To Grab Men’s Athleisure Trends, Like A Pro.

You must have seen that nowadays many men’s fashion influencers, models, and fashion experts are uploading their pics while wearing some sporty and casual type of outfit, on social media.

Some hip-hop artists, teenage celebs, and other fast-fashion and style lovers are rocking their social media platforms by uploading their pics in this outfit. 

Those outfits neither look too sporty nor too casual, What type of outfit are they wearing?? What is style? Wanted to know? 

It is The Athleisure, a sensation in fashion wear. 

Wanted to know how to style Athleisure? Wanted to grab this Athleisure trend? Hakuna Matata… 

Here is the Simplest & complete guide that will make those men, UNKNOWN – PRO, who know nothing about this innovative Athleisure trend. 

What is Athleisure? 

Well, I’m a biology student so let’s understand it in simple biological language. When we cross two different types of traits of something, what we got as a result a hybrid trait, right?? 

Apply this rule in fashion wear, when casual wear combines with sportswear then hybrid fashion wear formed, which is called ‘Athleisure’. 

In short, Athleisure is a confluence of casual wear and sportswear. Stylish sportswear that is not limited just for wearing in the gym and in sports it can be wear in other casual places also. 

Significance of Athleisure 

What is so special in Athleisure that every stylish guy wearing it? Why Athleisure is in vogue? – 

A man opening side zio of his jogger.


As we all know sportswear is something that provides us comfort. And that merit of sportswear works in Athleisure for making it a comfortable outfit. 


Casual wear is for styling and for looking more fashionable and that competence of casual wear provides style in Athleisure. 


Athleisure are something that has versatility for wearing in different places. It can be wear from the gym to the office. Any casual place, in the casual party on a date also you can style it. 

Hygienic wear

Hygiene, It is an absolutely special quality of Athleisure. It is hygienic for wearing. Because it is made of dirt proof, sweat controller, and breathable fabric. 

What is worn in the Athleisure trend?

Basically, there are many items in the current market, people are wearing as Athleisure and Athleisure companies are launching different stylish outfit items. 
So, it is hard to describe all of them, that’s why there are only common and essential Athleisure item, that stylish men love to wear – 

Athleisure Sneakers 

A grey color Athleisure sneaker, men's.

When we talk about what shoes does a man wear with Athleisure outfit then that is sneakers, but they are not all sneakers. A special sneaker has to be worn with Athleisure outfit. 

These sneakers look heavy but are lightweight. They look stylish casual shoe type but provides comfort like sports shoes.

Athleisure Upper Wear

Crew-Neck T-shirts

A red color stretchable crew neck t-shirt.

A crew neck tee either, full sleeves or half sleeves is basic upper wear of Athleisure. It is more stretchable and comfortable than a normal crew neck t-shirt. This t-shirt has a shiny appearance.

A normal crew neck t-shirt can also go with athleisure. 


Brown color flower print men's polo t-shirt
We all know polos are one of the most versatile outfit items in men’s fashion wear. That versatility continues in athleisure also, polo can also go with athleisure trend. There are many brands which make special types of polo, especially as athleisure wearing.

Sleeveless T-shirts 

They are also in the craze, loved by those big biceps guys. 

Athleisure lower wear


Three guys wearing three different types of joggers.
Joggers are the life of athleisure men’s wear. There are many types of joggers some for casual wear, some for gym wear, or sportswear. These sportswear joggers are now a part of athleisure. They are designed for a more stylish look and more comfort. Now, these joggers are not just limited for the gym, athleisure trend is forcing men to style them on other casual places also.

Sporty shorts and stretchable pants

These two are also worn as a lower in place of joggers as Athleisure. Stretchable pants are way too stylish and too comfort also. 

Athleisure overwear


It is the popular overwear in Athleisure. A crew neck sweatshirt something lightweight but the good cold controller.
Usually, wear over a crew neck t-shirt in the Athleisure trend.

Track Jackets

Specially made as winter Athleisure wear. They are best, comfortable, and stylish. 


Sportswear Hoodies men.

We all know hoodies are the crown of casual winter wear in men’s fashion but they are not behind in Athleisure also. 

Athleisure hoodies are also favorable for winters or for fall. These sporty hoodies will save you from cold, provide you comfort, and make you stylish as well. 

Bomber Jacket

Bimber jackets for style and comfort, Athleisure.

Another stylish overwear for Athleisure, men. The bomber jacket major Athleisure lovers are fond of the bomber jacket. 

Men’s Athleisure outfit ideas

How to Wear Athleisure, Men?

Polo t-shirt and Athleisure pant

Bomber jacket over crew neck t-shirt and joggers. 

Man wearing Bomber jacket over crew neck t-shirt and joggers.
Man wearing, Bomber jacket over crew neck t-shirt and joggers.

Track jackets and stretchable joggers. 

Track jackets over crew neck tee and stretchable pant. 

Man wearing Track jackets over crew neck tee and stretchable pant.

Crew neck t-shirt and stretchable joggers, men. 

Man wearing, Crew neck t-shirt and stretchable joggers, men.

Wife beater and joggers.

Athleisure set, hoodies, and jogger combo. 

A man wearing Athleisure track suit.

Bomber jacket over hoodie and joggers. 

Bomber jacket over hoodie and joggers.

Coat over hoodie and stretchable joggers. 

Hoodie and joggers

Man wearing Hoodie and joggers.
A man wearing Athleisure outfit, white hoodie and stretchable joggers.
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