How to style suspenders, men | Along with outfit ideas.

Are you of those who like to give a distinct look with any outfit you wear, By Wearing or carrying some extra stylish accessories or items along with your outfit for making your outfit’s spectacular?

Suspenders are one of those things which can enhance your outfit’s look whether it is casual or it is formal. Suspenders are back in trend nowadays, many clique are wearing it as a style symbol. 

Many of us now wanted to grab this stylish piece of outfit and wanted to style it perfectly and flawlessly. You are one of those that’s why you are reading this post, so just carry it on. And leave rest on us. 

We are going to make you a pro of men’s suspenders even if you know null about it. 

Suspenders or Men’s braces. 

As we say that suspenders have made come back in men’s fashion, let us know what is it, first. 

Suspenders or men’s braces are stretchable or adjustable belt type thing which rests on our upper body and it stays connected with our pants. 

Suspenders was basically the second type of belt people were using it for holding their trousers on waist. 

But time changes, now major people are using suspenders just for styling. 

Peoples and fashionistas are rocking the suspenders with their outfit just for styling and standing out as a fashionable guy in-crowd. 

Types of suspenders

How many types of suspenders are there for men?

 According to their clipping way-

Types of men's suspenders.

Button on 

Button-on suspenders are those suspenders which has to fasten under the trouser with their hidden button. It can only tie on those trousers which have hidden button, especially for tieing suspenders. 

You would have to take your tailor’s help for making your normal trouser, ready for this suspender. Or you can buy a new trouser with in built hidden button. 

It required special buttons in trousers, that’s why it is less used in modern men’s fashion. 


Clip-on suspenders are most likely to be used than the first one, because it is more versatile than that, how?? 

It can wear along with any trouser or pants because it doesn’t require any extra buttons or something. 

It has clip on its end which fasten on trouser’s upper part, that’s it. 

Trigger snap

A man wearing a trigger snap, suspender.
Trigger snap is another type of suspenders which have a hook on its end, that has to fastened to the belt loops of the pants. 
The flaw of this suspender you can’t adjust its width, it will depend on the pants belt loops.

There’s another way of differentiating suspenders on the basis of its back design 


X back are those suspenders which make an ‘X’ shape backside while get wear. 


Y back are those suspenders which make a ‘Y’ shape while it is worn, on body’s back. 

In this suspenders, 2 belts start from pant’s trouser and on the back, both belt gets merge and got converted in one belt. 

How to style suspenders – 

A man wearing suspenders and a tie on white shirt.
  • If you are wearing it on casual outfit then keep that mind that its belt should be thin/skinny.
  • If you are wearing it on a formal outfit you can wear suspenders with skinny or thick belt as well. 
  • If your suspender’s belt has any pattern then it will look cool when you wear it on a plain shirt. 
  • If your suspender has no pattern (plain) then you can wear it with any of your shirts. 
  • Your suspender’s length should be not too loose and not too tight. Because if it will lose it will fall from your shoulders and if it will tight it will give a wrinkle to your shirt. 
  • Never wear belts with your suspenders. (because it is also a type of belt) 
  • For making it more formal never forget to wear a tie with your suspenders. You can go with any modern go-to type of tie(bow or standard necktie). 

So, what is the best type of suspenders for me? 

Now, we are going to decide what is one best suspender for you? On the basis of Whatever described above. Everyone wants versatility with style on their outfit item. Keeping that in mind, here is I’m going to shorten the list, going to pick one best type of suspender. 

Whether you are a newbie in suspenders/braces or you are already a bit into it. 

The best suspenders which is in vogue nowadays because it is stylish and versatile as well. 

It is a ‘Y’ back clip-on suspender. A perfect suspender if you are wearing it first timeless maintenance and modern looking suspenders

A plain black color with skinny belt is go-to type of suspender if you are trying it for first time. 

You can also try another suspenders if you are into it for a while. It depends on you. But I’ll recommend a ‘y’ back clip-on suspenders to you to try if you haven’t yet or if you are styling suspenders for the very first time. 

Men’s outfit ideas with suspenders 

Suspenders with Shirt and trousers

Suspenders with Shirt and trousers

Suspenders with shirt and check pants

Suspenders with shirt, pants, and tie. 

Suspenders with shirt, pants, and tie.

Suspenders with Half sleeves shirt and trousers 

Suspenders with Half sleeves shirt and trousers

Suspenders with t-shirt and jeans, men’s outfit. 

Suspenders with polo shirts

Suspenders with polo shirts

Suspenders with shirt and jeans, men’s outfit. 

Suspenders with shirt and jeans

Suspenders under a jacket, men’s outfit. 

Suspender with jeans and half-sleeves shirt

A man wearing a suspener with dark blue jeans and half sleeve shirts.
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