3 Things What You Ought to Know About A Sharkskin Suit.

Do you guys know about a Sharkskin suit? Have you worn it before? It is the next sensation & shimmering formal wear in men’s fashion. 

It gives you a unique look. It is hard to look stylish and unique than others especially when you are going to wear formal clothes. 

But a Sharkskin suit is that thing which can give you the opportunity of looking unique and who doesn’t want to look stylish and unique, because;

An unique outfit is what, seperates the best from the rest.

So when you are someone who loves to stand out in a crowd and fond of formal wear then you should have a Sharkskin suit in your wardrobe and before having it you should know everything about a Sharkskin suit. 

That’s why here I’m going to answer the 3 most common question that people asked and that people should know about a Sharkskin suit, so let’s see what they are-

What is a sharkskin suit?

The first most asked question about a sharkskin suit is what is a sharkskin suit?  I know it is a very basic question but there are many people who don’t know what a sharkskin suit exactly is! And some people have made a wrong definition about it. 

it’s just the name which is leading them to make a wrong definition of it. The wrong definition means that some people have thoughts that it is any specific type of color of a suit or it is a type of suit that is really made up of shark’s skin, but there’s nothing like that. 

I would have to go deeper for explaining what is a sharkskin suit really is?

Sharkskin suits have a specific type of weave which makes it different than other suits. This type of weave is called pick-and-pick twill weave. 

Now, the word ‘weave’ will new for some people here, let me explain it in short that… 

what is the weave? 

men in grey suit and watch.

The weave is a specific pattern/design/method by which individual strands(thread) bind together tightly to make a piece of cloth. A cloth’s weave is the thing that decides how it fits and feels on your body. 

So, what would be the best definition of a sharkskin suit? You can make your own like I made, 

“Sharkskin suit is a type of suit which is made up of a specific fabric by a specific weave called pick-and-pick twill weave (a specific interlacing method).”

By which fabric and how does a sharkskin suit make of?

The short definition of sharkskin suits that we had made above has defined that sharkskin suit is made by specific fabric and by a specific method. And that’s why it is the 2nd common question that people ask about a Sharkskin suit. 

By which Fabric sharkskin suit made of? 

So let us know about the fabric which is used to make sharkskin suits. Sharkskin suit made by various & Distinguish fabrics. It is made of luxury fabrics. 

It is weave by very light, fine, high-count threads. Common fabric use to make sharkskin suit is mohair or wool in winter wear a sharkskin suit. And acetate or rayon used to make a normal sharkskin suit. 

How does a sharkskin suit make?


Now, let us know about the method that use to make a Sharkskin cloth which is used to design sharkskin suits. 

Sharkskin suit is woven in a Distinguish type weaving method called pick-and-pick twill weave.

 In this type of weave two threads of two different shades of color are used. one dark shade and one light shade. The darker color threads run diagonally on the lighter thread and by this technique, the piece of sharkskin cloth is made. 

The two thread and twill weave gives sharkskin suit a shimmering and wrinkle-free look.

How to wear or style sharkskin suit, men.

The 3rd most commonly asked question about sharkskin suits, how to style it?

There is no hard and fast rule of styling sharkskin suit.

Use the same way you style your normal suit. No need to do some extra thing for styling it. But remember wear this type of suit when you are on some formal occasions and wanna look unique and different from others. 

  • Use matching color pocket square.
  • Use matching color tie.
  • Get a perfect fit of your suit as well as your shirt.
  • Style your sharkskin suit with dressy shoes. 


Everything I described about sharkskin suits here is on the basis of modern sharkskin suits. 

We have not talked about the history of sharkskin suits, their history may differ from its modern look.

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