Workout plan for teenage guys to build muscles at home.

Hey!!! Happy teenagers, you are here because you are now moved from your childhood and also from childish things. Now you are a matured teenager and in teenage, you wanted to do the same what an ideal teenager guy should do, that is to improve yourself.
At our childhood, we did not much care about our physique (and you shouldn’t), because that was the age of only enjoyment. when we turned into a teenage we get to know about what is physique and why being a good physique is so important and We wanted to make ourselves look good, it could be coz of many reasons like; sometimes we just wanted to improve us, and sometimes we want it for buzz, for getting attention. It is better to take care of your physique especially when you turned a mature teenager recently.
The teen guy’s age is described as a skinny body type age because there almost everyone is skinny in their teenage and they all wanted to have some gain in their body, so what is the problem??
Still, there are some problems which stocks on the way between a skinny teenager whose destination is to be fit and get a good physique. I will try to solve almost all huge problem here with complete guidance – 

Unavailability of the gym-

The first and huge problem of many teenager guys that is we do not much independent to go to the gym, either that’s because of financial problem or parent’s restrictions.
  • The only solution of this first and huge problem is making an effort on getting good physique from home and start sweating out at home for gaining some muscle.
  • That’s why we are catch up here, do not worry I’ll describe here the effective workout with a most effective plan for gaining your muscles from home in this post later. But mind it this special guide is only for teenager guys.

We can’t hit home work out regularly…

If you are someone who has a problem that you can’t perform your home work out regularly because of laziness and other reasons then here is something exciting for you:

How to be consistent with workout?

What is Perfect time to start doing the workout for teenagers??

It is not important if you turned in to a teenage then you should start doing the workout, sometimes it can harm your body. It affects badly on your body if you start doing a workout at a very young age. Afraid by listening to that?? Don’t worry I’ll here for your guidance, just follow the below steps-
  • Do not start doing workout if your body is still in the growing phase.
  • Especially about height. If your height is increasing then I would suggest you not to start workout yet, let your body get the complete height.
  • If your body gets its maximum height but still skinny then you should start doing a workout, now. With effective and no harm workout plan which I’ll describe later in this post.
I think the upper guidance is worth for any teenager to solve his problem, related to his muscles gain. If you have still any problem they must be covered in this post, just make your eyes and ears open. 
So after some guidance let us move to the main part of the article. Which is, the collection of most effective workout for skinny guys or teenagers, so it is time for some hard work guys!!
As a skinny teenager who wants to gain some muscle should target the main body parts first especially if you are working out from home.
I’m going to divide this workout plan into two parts. These two parts will be a workout of two days. You will have to cover some body parts in one day and some in 2nd day-


On the first day, we will target on arms and legs. Arms are the body parts which enhance a skinny guy’s skinniness most, so we will first go for train our arms. The leg is something we usually do not care much about it, we ignore it as a working out body part but believe me you’re gonna look so terrible if your upper body part has some gain but your leg is as it is, like chicken legs. So you should not ignore your legs –

Arms Workout for teenage guys –

Here is some workout for your arms which will target your biceps and triceps.
I’ve written a post, especially on arms workout for skinny guys you can check it out, too.
Besides that, there is some best effective workout I’ll gonna tell you with the full guidance for maximum effect.

Biceps curls

On the first day, we are starting with our arms and the ideal exercise for arms is a  biceps curls so, why shouldn’t we start with it??
Biceps curls are an exercise in which dumbbell is needed, even if you are working out from home. If you can afford it, then I would suggest buying 2 dumbbells for you.
But if you can’t afford it then don’t worry you can use some alternative of dumbbells. Like; you can take your school bag and put some heavy books or a water bottle in it. You can try other things which have handles. The thing which I used to do biceps curls at home is a bit hilarious. it was a steel made water bucket I used to fill it with water and grab its handle and start my biceps curls, you can find something definitely at your home like this for a biceps curls.
Gif of biceps curls excercise
  • First grab your dumbbell from the middle if you have, if not, then use your bag and hold it from the upper handle like shown in the upper image.
  • Your hand should touch your body from the side.
  • Now lift the bag or dumbbell folding the hand and take it to the upside without let your hand dis balanced.
  • Now again go down by spreading your hand in that position, this is 1 rep. Of your biceps curls.
Do 3 sets a day. Take 1-2 minutes rest between every set. Do 12-15 reps in every set for gaining biceps fast. Repeat this process with both hands.
Cares to do-
  • Take the other behind and give support your working hand and stop it from coming back when you are spreading hand.
  • Squeeze your biceps hard when you are lifting the weight, for better effect.
  • Do not lose your hand’s wrist it should be straight you can’t bend it.
  • The number of reps. should be equal, of both hands.

Triceps dips 

A well known and effective workout not just for triceps but other upper body parts also. It covers all the three-part of triceps brachii the lateral head, long head and short head. It is also an effective workout for shoulders.
You just needed a thing like a chair, bench or anything for support with 18-20 cm height. Just this is enough for performing this workout you can perform it anywhere by just thinking a little but you can surely find a place for doing this workout.
Gif of triceps dips excercise.
  • After finding a place with 18-20 cm heights. Stand near it.
  • Hold the bench from behind with your hands.
  • Expand your leg as much length you are comfortable with.
  • Now take your body down by bending your hand at 90° from the joint.
  • Again push some force to hand and lift your body and take it to the first position.
  • This is 1 rep of triceps dips. Repeat this process 12-15 times for completing a set.
10- 15 reps are best for completing a set of triceps dips according to your shoulder strength and arm strength. Repeat every set 3 times on your arms day for a better result, take rest between every set.
Care to do. 
  • Intense level of this workout depends on Expanding your leg. As much you expand your legs that much pressure you will feel. If you are a beginner then you can keep your leg near you by folding it from your knees.
  • If you wanted to make it harder then keep your leg on the same height also by another bench’s help.
  • Keep your both hand near your body and do not take away from the body while doing this workout.
  • If you feel pain in your shoulder then stop doing more reps after that and take rest.

Leg’s workout for teenage guys

Chicken legs are good for taste, but not for your physique. Yes!! If you have a skinny leg people are gonna call you a chicken leg and nobody wants to get a nickname like this.
That’s why leg workout is essential, if you add leg workout in your plan, then you are going to get a muscular leg rather than a chicken leg.
That’s why I never skip legs workout in any workout plans.
You don’t need to do an intense workout for your leg in teenage one exercise which targets all of your leg’s muscles is enough, the exercise is-

Toe squats

It is a type of squat, you have to do a simple squat with just a little change for performing toe squats. That change is the position of your feet. In this workout you have to perform your squats by standing on your toe rather than standing on your whole feet, that’s why it is called a toe squats.
You can take weight in your hand for making it a bit intense and effective, you can take your bag which you had used to perform your bicep’s curls.
  • Stand on your toes, bend your both hand and give it a position like you are crouching.
  • You can take your weight in that position of your hands.
  • Now take your glutes towards the ground by folding your leg. Go down more than halfway.
  • Again push your body to the upside and get your first position back.
  • This is the completion of your 1 reps, perform 15-20 reps for completing a set.
While performing the exercise let your leg knees not move forward while bending it.


On the second day, our major targeted body part will chest and abs. These are the two body parts we will going to cover on our second day, the workout we will perform for these two body parts will also target other parts.

Chest and abs combined the most effective home workout plan for teenage guys.

The new day and new day workouts, we will start with our chest and abs it is gonna be an exciting day, we will perform 4 different types of workout on our second day. Two workouts will target our chest and two will be for our abs. We perform it in a very new way just follow as I say-
I’m here dividing our second day’s workout into two parts, in the first part, we will perform one exercise for chest (with 3 sets) and one exercise of abs(with 3 sets). Same we will do one second day.
The sets of this exercise will be performed alternatively, meant to say if you are doing a chest exercise perform one set of that exercise and now move to the abs and perform one set of abs exercise. By this method, we will complete three sets of exercise of one part and we will do it the same for another part.
Confused yet?? Don’t worry skip it read below your confusion will gonna clear-
First part

Knuckle – push-ups

The best exercise for the chest as well as it targets another part of upper body also. We all know how to perform a  basic push-up, you can try some variation of push-ups.
I’m going to describe the steps of the best push-up for gaining weight-
A man doing knuckle push ups
  • Take a normal push-up’s position, but this time shift your weight on your knuckle rather than your palm.
  • You can put a cloth or something where you place your knuckle for making it soft.
  • Keep your both knuckle on your shoulder line and a bit far than your body.
  • Now move your body to the earth side. By folding your hand.
  • The first thing which reaches to the ground should be your chest.
  • Now again take your body up by expanding your hand to the fullest, as high as you can.
  • This is 1 rep of your knuckle push-up’s, perform 10- 12 reps for completing a set.
  • While performing knuckle push-ups, always keep on mind that you back should be straight it should not bend in whole reps.
  • The more you take your hand near to your body the intense the workout will. You can adjust according to your comfort level.
  • You can hang that school bag on your back for making it more intense.

Leg raised plank

Gif image of leg raised plank workout for abs.
As a skinny guy, everyone has that abs of weakness that abs show because of skinny guys have no chubby on their stomach. So as a skinny teenager you should not perform that abdominal exercises which are for reducing stomach chubby fat, because we already have less percentage of chubby fat on the stomach.
In skinny teenager’s case, you should give attention to those exercises of your abs which enhance your abs and make them toned. That’s why I have chosen a leg raised plank exercise for you guys.
  • Take a normal plank position, in which your half part of hand should on the ground and your body should straight, leg’s front part should only be on the ground.
  • When you both leg’s front part is touching the ground, Leave your body at this position for 10 seconds.
  • Now, lift your one leg straight to a height and then leave your body in that position for 10 secs.
  • After that lift your other leg and leave your body in that position for 10 secs.
  • After doing all this your 1 set will complete.
  • While performing the exercise keep your core tight, do not let your stomach loosens.
  • Breath little after 2 seconds break.
  • Your body should be straight and your hand should fold at 90° angle.
  • If you want to make it more effective and intense then you don’t need to get off that school bag which you hang on your back for doing knuckle pushups.
  • By hanging your bag on your back and then doing your leg raise plank make your exercise more intense and effective.
These were the two exercises of your second day’s first parts workout. Now follow the process for performing all three sets of these exercises.
First, do a set of knuckle pushups and then do a set of leg raise plank. Repeat this process to 3 sets by doing these two exercises alternatively. 
Second part
In the second part, we will perform the other two exercises, one for abs and one for the chest. The process of completing their sets will same as we follow in the first part, so let’s begin –

Incline reverse grip push-ups

The first exercise of the second part is for chest, we performed the knuckle pushups, which targets the middle and front portion of our chest and other upper body parts. The reason I have chosen the reverse grip incline push-up in this workout plan because it targets the side part of chest’s which is very necessary for anyone –
  • Take a chair, table or something for giving your body support.
  • Its height should be equal to your waist orbit lower than your waist.
  • Now, lean your body to the chair’s side and shift your all weight on that chair or table through your hand.
  • Your hand’s grip should be reversed (see image).
  • Now, take your body towards the chair by folding your hands and let your chest win the race. Meant to say the first body part which should be nearest to the chair would your chest.
  • After that come back in the first position by expanding your hand.
  • This is the 1 reps. Of your set, do 15 reps for completing a set.
  • Because it is a reverse grip push up you should not let your hand’s grip move from its position.
  • When folding your arms do not bend it from the side, it should bend from the front.
  • Perform 3 sets of this exercise on your second day’s workout
Crossbody mountain climbers
The last exercise of our workout plan is the cross-body mountain climbers. It is an exercise which is effective for lower abs, and lower abs are the part which is very hard to maintain. Of you do not care about it from teenage then it will gonna be a huge problem later, it also beneficial for glutes. What are all the reason why it is chosen in a teenager workout plan-
Gif image of cross body mountain climber exercise.
  • Take your normal push-up position, but this time raise your glutes a bit higher than normal.
  • Now take your right leg to the left side and try to touch your left hand with your right legs’ knees.
  • Similarly, do it with your left leg and try to touch your right hand with knees.
  • After you are done with both leg then your one reps will complete, do 10 reps for completing a set.
Do not let your feet touch the ground when your ar folding it.
Keep your core tight while performing the exercise.
These were the two exercises of your second day’s second parts workout. Now follow the process for performing all three sets of these exercises.
First, do a set of incline reverse grip pushups and then do a set of a cross-body mountain climber. Repeat this process to 3 sets by doing these two exercises alternatively. 


This workout plan is for two days, after two days again start with the exercise of the first day and then again exercise of the second day. When all major body parts are covered in two day’s workout then you just have to repeat it for the 6 days of a week and give your body the rest of 1 day. And again start the workout process, like if you do a second day’s workout today and then take rest tomorrow then the next day starts with the first day’s workout.
These workouts are suitable for teenagers for doing at home, you can increase or decrease their intensity level as described in every workout.
At starting some normal pain is Ok. But if your body’s any part feels pain because of workout then try to lower your workout intensity.
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