How to be consistent with exercise, A motivational talk on home workout.

A motivational talk on home workout.
A motivational talk on home workout
When we start doing a workout, we all feel so excited. We think alike, it is so cool!! we feel changes in our physique in just 2 days however although that change is just for us.
In starting, we used to say “Don’t know why people say doing the workout is so tough, why people can’t be consistent in doing exercise or workout when it is so easy, exciting, and cool.
But just under 15 to 30 day of doing that workout our thought process start changing, slowly. We start getting bored or our mind starts resisting doing that hard and same boring workout, continuously.
At last, we give up on our home workout/exercise, and we stop doing our exercise. our all hard work and time get wasted, what we spent on our workout in starting.
If these all have happened to you and you want a solution or You are going to start a home workout and you do not want that these all happen to you, then be with us in the article till the end.
Here I will discuss the reason why we unable to hit workout consistently and some solution/hacks/tips by which you can continue doing the home workout as long as you want.
I am sharing all these according to my personal experience. I am doing the home workout for a year, and I will share all those tips/hacks here, which help me and motivate me to do a workout at home. 
Here is my home workout routine, you guys can also follow it if you are seeking for gaining weight from home.
I decided to write about this bizarre article/post just because I know there are many like me, who unable to go to the gym and struggle in working out from home, maybe this post can help them.
This post is especially for guys who are/wanted to work out from home. If you are a guy of the gym and even then unable to hit the gym regularly then you can take a rough look in this post, maybe it will solve that problem of yours.
  Reasons and redress 

Reason- Laziness. 

It is a reason that makes us not even start an exercise or it is the reason which stops us from doing exercise after some days of working out. 
Laziness is the biggest enemy of ours, which rebuff us to do exercise continuously. Laziness, the quality of being unwilling to work or use energy(physical or mental); idleness.
It happens most time when we have a lack of interest in doing such exercise, we do not know the advantages of doing exercise. 

Redress- Keep Yourself Cognizant 

A man lifted a bag.
A man lifted a bag.
The first thing to overcome from laziness is inspiring yourself. And for inspiring yourself you should be cognitive on Why you should do the workout? Why it is so important? What’s the benefit? 
How a home workout, gym, exercise can change your life, health (mental & physical) these all you can read or feel yourself after that you don’t need for any other inspiration. 
You will your self-inspiration, and that Laziness will so far away from you. 

Reason- Mind makes excuses

The second thing that prohibits us from doing a workout, continuously is our mind. In starting our mind and we are so excited about doing workout and having a good physique. 
After some days our mind starts making excuses not to do exercises when he get to know that it is a hard thing to do. It is basically not Laziness, in this, we do other easy work for escaping from hard work which home workout is. 
It makes excuses like; I’m busy in other work, there is no equipment for doing exercise and the best one which was mine is, there were too many people around me they will laugh seeing me, working out at home. 

Redress- Don’t skip just start 

A man resting on his knees.
A man resting on his knees.
What type of excuse that your mind makes, that prohibits you from a workout? Recognize it. And try to counter it. Probably you are skipping it just because your mind has more control over you. 
Do not let you stop, from giving you an hour in a day on any circumstances if you are at home, the best solution is, give yourself an hour for working out in a day and find a secluded place in your home. 
Do not skip just go on that secluded place and start doing your workout when you start once, then you will end up with finishing it, completely. You just have to start after that your mind will get that you are going to do it, today. 

Reason- Mind run from Hardest exercise

A man, doing clap push_ups.
A man, doing clap push_ups.
You have noticed that your mind wants to skip those days of workout, in which the hardest exercise is. Those exercise which needs more energy and hard work our mind try to skip those exercise. 
And just because of that exercise you skip the whole workout of that day because your mind makes excuses to do so. Or you stop doing workout permanently. 

Redress- Start with easy exercise

The redress of this problem is that you should start with an easy exercise, do easy exercise in starting. In your weekly schedule of exercises put some easy exercise first. 
Once you will start that easy exercise then your body and mind will also get ready for those hard and tough workouts. 

Reason- Less motivation

It is important to be motivated While doing exercise. If you lose your motivation you will end up with half workout or less workout at that day, you couldn’t complete the whole workout which was in your routine for that day. 
During workout, motivation is needed something which lets your mind not feel tired and boost your energy!! 

Redress- Listen Motivational Sound

A man tieing his shoe's laces.
A man tieing his shoe’s laces.
The only solution of that problem is music, music is something which can help you to heal from different situations, today it is helping you to heal from tiredness. 
Motivational music can boost up your energy to 2x. Who would not get boosted when he is playing Imran khan’s ‘satisfya’ song in full bass and the line came
“Never gonna stop while I’m hard working I am in a zone where you can’t step in Hit nahio Baneya ve straight to the bin So move out the way ay, ay, ay”. 
So, from now whenever going for a workout never forget to wear a headphone or switch on your home theater. 

Reason- Mind Gets bore

It is something which I realized after doing home workout 3-4 months. Our mind needs some excitement it gets boring when doing the same thing every day. The same goes for exercise also. 
When we start doing a home workout at that time everything is new and exciting for us, but slowly – slowly we get bore of that same exercise and we stop doing it.
 It is one of the reason by which are unable to hit workout consistently even if we have the motivation, inspiration everything but the thing which prohibits us is boredom.  

Redress- Take Variation in exercise 

The solution to that problem is variation put variation in your workout after every 2-3 weeks. Do not do same exercise every day. 
Hit your workout day-wise target some body parts on the first day and some other day, it will give you some variation. 
Change your workout of every body parts every 2-3 weeks. Like; if you are doing a plank for abs then try doing crunches after when you feel bore. Do the same for everybody parts. 
It will useful for your body parts because you can hit your body parts in different ways that will be beneficial and also it will provide variation which not let you and your mind feel bored. 

Reason- Expect result too soon

 The last and important problem that you have to understand and solve. The problem is that when we start doing workout we change sudden changes in our body and we started thinking that it will grow like this. 
But when we continuously do it for 20 days and feel very low growth it will demotivate us and we started thinking that it is wasting of time and energy. 
After that, we give up on it and we stop doing the workout. 

Redress- Be patience and understand your growth. 

A man resting and thinking after doing the workout.
See, we all have to understand that in starting we have nothing, and after doing 5-10 days workout we feel that it is so effective, but it just your thought because it is new. 
But when we continue it and then we start feeling no growth, again it is your myth, you are gaining. It will not let you feel or feel less too soon it takes time. 
You have to be patience it is something which takes time you will start feeling your gain after doing 1-2 month hard workout continuously. And others will feel your growth after 3 months. 
It happens with every bodybuilder you are not the only one, the more you have patience the more you are going to gain. 


These were some tips which I thought I should give you guys, maybe it can help some of you guys. So you guys do not stop doing your workout. 
And yes another thing the myth about home workout let me clear you all about that, too. 
The myth, that any person says that there was no growth by home workout. It is clearly wrong, if you have a better workout routine and you are doing it continuously then you will surely gain and get a good physique by doing a home workout. You would not much behind those gym guys.
Just be consistent!! 
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