How to get big arms fast for skinny guys?

How to get big arms fast for skinny guys?

A men with abs and a big arms
Arms are very annoying part of the body for a skinny guy because it makes them feel like two tall & big match sticks are hanging on their body. You can hide your other body parts by following some fashion hacks as a skinny guys but hands are hard to hide. The only way for getting rid of this problem is starting working out for your body from gym or at home. You will found there many posts and videos, talking about chest workout, abs workout , biceps and etc. And these will help you out for gaining muscles for other body parts. 
But if you are facing problem for gaining your arms and wanted to know about some workout which will help you in getting big arms fastly as a skinny guy, then I’ll describe here the best methods and effective workout you can perform for gaining your arms. You can perform these workout from anywhere, if you are unable to go gym and used to workout from home, it will help. 
I’ll talk about the different parts of arms here, one by one and the best, effective and fast way for training them for getting big. You just needed a dumbbell for some workout here, but if you haven’t it, don’t worry dumbbell alternatives are their. 


A men showing his biceps
How to get big arms fast for skinny guys? The first and only thing come in mind when we talk about arms, is biceps it is the most noticable part of an arm. How can a skinny guy get bigger buliceps? If we talk about skinny guys they have a biceps like stone of thin mango. But you can’t see it like this for lifetime you have to get some feed for it and make them look like a flute stone. The only one feed for your biceps is, working out with best effective workouts.
If we talk about biceps muscles anatomy, biceps have a biceps brachii. The biceps brachii have two parts long head and short head. These two muscles are the area which you have to target for building you muscles. 

How to train biceps. 

The long head and short head are the parts which you have to train, here are the two workout you can do for gaining your bicep’s muscle fast. 

Biceps curls

A skinny guy doing biceps curls with college bag.
The first workout for your biceps which target both part of biceps brachii is biceps curls. It is common and effective workout for your biceps. You jist needed a dumbbell for performing this exercise. 
But what if somebody haven’t dumbbell? Don’t worry just take your college bag and put some weight in it, according to your comfort. You can put books or water bottle or anything. Just you have to grab your bag from the upper handle given in every bags. 


Do 3 sets a day. Take 1-2 minutes rest between every set. Do 12-15 reps in every set for gaining biceps fast. Repeat this process woth both hands. 


  • First grab your dumbbell from middle if you have, if not, then use your bag and hold it from upper handle like shown in upper image. 
  • Your hand should touch your body from side. 
  • Now lift the bag or dumbbell folding the hand and take it to the up side without let your hand dis balanced. 
  • Now again go down by spreading your hand in that position, this is 1 reps. Of your biceps curls. 
  • Repeat this process 12-15 times for completing a set. 

Cares to do-

  • Take the other behind and give support your working hand and stop it from coming back when you are spreading hand. 
  • Squeeze your biceps hard when you are lifting up the weight,for better effect. 
  • Do not loose your hand’s wrist it should be straight you can’t bend it. 
  • The number of reps. should be equal, of both hands. 

Up and twist arms

This is very Distinguish and effective workout for your biceps brachii. It hits long head and short head very hard. The twisting of arms plays big effect to your arms for squeezing both muscles of your biceps. It is one of my best personal favourite excercises. 
You needed a dumbbell otherwise a bag for performing the up and twist arms workout. 


Do 3 sets a day. Take rest for 2 minutes after every sets you can perform other non-arm excercises between this time. 
Do 7-10 reps. Of this workout for completing a set. Repeat it with both hand one by one without resting. Take rest after completing a set of both hands. 


  • Hold your weight (dumbbell or college bag) keep your hand from upside like shown in 1 step in Upper image. 
  • Now in that position lift your weight and take it near your chest. 
  • Now again go down, and turn the hand in basic biceps curl position. 
  • In that position take your hand away from your body. And stop it from at the position shown in no. 4 in upper image. 
  • Now lift your weight from the same position by bending hand. 
  • Again take the weight down by spreading your hand. 
  • This is 1 reps of up and twist arm. Repeat this process 7-10 times for completing a set. 

Cares to do. 

  • Do not lift too much weight in starting because it is a workout in which you have to twist your arm and heavy weight can harm your arms. 
  • Do not let your body bend when lifting the weight towards your body. 
  • Squeeze the biceps when ending the uplifting position. 
  • The number of reps should be equal, of both hands. 


A man showing his triceps muscles.
For getting big arms biceps is not only a part on which you have to work. The triceps are also plays a major for getting a big arms. The triceps brachii have three parts long head, medial, head and lateral head. These are the parts yiu have to target while building your triceps. 

How to train triceps

The three parts I described above are the main point which you have to care about while training your triceps. Here are the two best and effective workouts for your triceps which will target the all parts of your triceps brachii. 

O/H triceps extension 

Triceps extension excercise shown by anime
Triceps extension are very effective workout for gaining the triceps muscle fast. This workout covers middle head and lateral head of triceps brachii, it also effects on long head little bit. 
The triceps extension needs a dumbbell or any other thing which is easily available in your home and easy to grip, because this workout needs a better griping.


Do 12-15reps in a set. Repeat every sets 3 times in a day if you are working on triceps for fast gaining. Take rest between evey sets. 


  • First sit on any place in open background. You can perform this also in standing position by standing straight. 
  • Take the dumbbell behind your neck
  • Hold your dumbbell with both hands vertically.
  • Now lift dumbbell uup side keeping the hand stable.
  • Now again bend your hand and take your dumbbell down. 
  • This is 1 reps of triceps extension. 
  • Repeat this process 12- 15 times for completing on set. 

Care to do. 

  • Do not keep your hand away from your head. Keep your hand near your head in a straight position like shown in upper image. 
  • Do not bend your wrist while lifting weight from behind. 
  • Keep your back straight while sitting or standing. 

Triceps dips

Triceps dips well known and effective workout not just for triceps but other upper body parts also. It covers all the three part of triceps brachii the lateral head, long head and short head. It is also effective workout for shoulders. 
You just needed a thing like chair, bench or anything for support with 18-20 cm height. Just this is enough for performing this workout yoi can perform it anywhere by just thinking a little but you can surely find a place for doing this workout. 


10- 15 reps are best for completing a set of triceps dips ccording to your shoulder strength and arm strength. Repeat every set 3 times on your arms day for better result, take rest between every sets. 


  • After finding a place with 18-20 cm heights. Stand near it. 
  • Hold the bench from behind with your hands. 
  • Expand your leg as much length you are comfortable with. 
  • Now take your body down by bending your hand at 90° from the joint.
  • Again push some force to hand and lift your body up and take it to the first position. 
  • This is 1 rep of triceps dip’s. Repeat this process 12-15 times for completing a set. 

Care to do. 

  • Intense level of this workout depends on Expanding your leg. As much you expand your legs that much pressure you will feel. If you are beginner then you can keep your leg near you by folding it from knees. 
  • If you wanted to make it harder then keep your leg on a same height also by another bench’s help. 
  • Keep your both hand near your body and do not take away from body while doing this workout. 
  • If you feel pain in your shoulder then stop doing more reps after that and take rest. 


A man showimg his shoulders.
Deltoid!! Is it the new part of arms discovered, well it is not. Might be, you are listening it first time if you are not much into body building. This is the part we usually don’t care much about but it is the most apparent part of arms. The parts between shoulder and biceps or triceps called deltoids. 
Deltoids are the muscles which joints hands to shoulder for getting a big arms as a skinny guy you should must train your deltoid. It will give your arms a better appearance if you train it well. 

How to train Deltoids 

The deltoid are almost a part of your shoulder also and that’s why it requires The similar workout that you do for your shoulders. The two effective rear deltoid workout that targets all parts of the deltoids like; posterior deltoid, anterior deltoid, back deltoid and front deltoid etc. 

Pike push-ups

A anime character doing pike push-ups
The very different type of push-ups. It feels a bit awkward if you are doing it first time. But the effect of this workout are very impressive for deltoids and as well as shoulders also. You have to do this workout carefully and then it will give your shoulder and deltoids massive gain. 
You just neede youe body for performing this workout it is basically a home workout of shoulder’s but it leaves a better effect also on deltoids. 


10- 12 reps are enough for 1 set. And 2 set on workout day will effective for any skinny guys for getting fast big arms. 


  • Lay down your body and lift your body in air except the palm of your hand and your feet. 
  • Make a V shape with your body like shown in upper image. 
  • Lift your heal also just touch the tows of your feet to the ground. 
  • Now move your head towards the ground by bending your hand, like you do in normal push-ups. 
  • Try to kiss the ground. 
  • Now again spread your hand and lift your body up and get the first position again. 
  • That’s it your 1 rep is completed, repeat this process 10-12 times for completing a set. 

Care to do. 

  • Do not bend your leg and upper body both should be straight. 
  • Keep your hand straight do not let it move. 
  • Perform this exercise by lifting your knees through out  the set. 

Plate front raise

Plate front raise targets deltoid completely it gives your deltoid and shoulder a structural and muscular look. For increasing the size of your arms deltoids have to train well. The front raise workout is eaisier to do but it impacts maximum on your deltoids. 
For performing the front raise you needed a plate available in every gym, you can also perform this exercise with dumbbell by holding it horizontally and if you have not both, then you can do it with your dumbbell alternative which is your college bag. 


Do it till the failure, when your shoulder start says no more, then stop doing it. 2 sets in a day of the reps till failure will be effective for your deltoids. 


  • Take the weight with both hand. 
  • Spread your hand straight. 
  • Now lift the weight without let your hands bend. 
  • Take it away from the body and stop your hand when your hand make a 90° angle with your body. 
  • Now again take the weight near your body by letting down your hands. 
  • It is 1 rep of the front raise workout. Repeat this process till failure.
  • Stop only when you feel tired. 

Care to do. 

  • Grab the weight from similar distance with both of your hands. Mean, if you are holding a dumbbell from its wheel then you should grab the dumbbell with other hand from similar position, other side of dumbbell. 
  • Do not raise your weight too high stop it when your hands make 90° from body. 
  • Do not bend your body while performing this workout. 


Fore arms are shown by a guy.
Before some days I met with a champion of arm wrestling, I asked him ‘what is the secret that you wins every time?’ he replied my forearms. It makes me go crazy I thought he have four arms that’s why he wins, lol!! There are three ways you can write for, fore and four I get the wrong one it was my bad!! But when I get to know that it is his forearms which gives his arms strength, then I get shocked. 
The forearms are the part of your arms which gives strength to your arm and you couldn’t ignore it. You have to workout for your forearms also for get a big and strengthen arms. 

How to train forearms

It is general question that how often can I workout for forearms, Forearms are very sensitive area for working out you have to do workout in right way and with light weight otherwise you would harm your wrist. Foresrms has two parts which you have to work for getting a massive looking forearm, the first is flexors and the other is extensor. Here are The two very easy and effective workout for your forearms are-

Wrist curls

A anime character doing wrist curls
The first workout for your forearms is a wrist curls. As described above triceps have two parts for working out the EXTENSORS and FLEXORS, It targets the extensor muscles mostly, of your forearms. It is little bit sensitive workout you have to do it correctly otherwise your wrist can get injury. 
You equipment needed, a light weight dumbbell if you haven’t, you can perform it with water bottle also. A bench is also necessary for supporting the hand if you have then it is good, but if you haven’t then you sit anywhere and use your leg for supporting your hand istead of bench. 


It is depended on weight you are carrying and your hand’s strength. I would recommend lift light weight and do it untill failure. 


  • Sit and keep your hand on that bench, or on your leg. 
  • Take weight in your hand, your hand should be in that position you used in biceps curls, mean your palm should be upside. 
  • Just bend your wrist and take the weight down. 
  • Again lift the weight from upside just bending your wrist. 
  • 1 reps. Completed, repeat this until you get tired. 

Cares to do. 

  • If you are lifting light weight then repeat it until failure but if your weight a bit heavy weight then I would recommend stop it after 10-12 reps or less. 
  • Do not let your forearms move from its place while performing the exercise. 

Dumbbell wrist curl overhand grip

The second effective workout for your forearms is the wrist curls overhand grip. It is just oppsite of wrist curls. Just the side of hand changes in that position, any other thing ar similar as wrist curls workout.
If everything is similar then why we are doing it again?? Because a thing which is also differ in exercise than wrist curls is it’s effecting area.
It effect on the second part of the forearms which is flexors. 


It is depended on weight you are carrying and your hand’s strength. I would recommend lift light weight and do it untill failure. 


Sit and keep your hand on that bench, or on your leg. 
Take weight in your hand, your hand should be opposite of that position you used in biceps curls, mean your palm should be at downside. 
Just bend your wrist and take the weight down. 
Again lift the weight to up side just by bending your wrist. 
1 reps. Completed, repeat this until you get tired. 

Cares to do. 

If you are lifting light weight then repeat it until failure but if you are lifting a bit heavy weight then I would recommend stop it after 10-12 reps or less. 
Do not let your forearms move from its place while performing the exercise.


These are the workout for skinny guys for getting them a bigger arms fastly.
Before performing these workout you should keep two things in mind first is stretching your body before starting your workout do stretch of every parts of your arms. and the second is, You have to take care of the days when you are performing these exercises. 
If you workout on every body parts day wise like; chest day, abs day, arm day etc. Then you can perform all these workouts on your arms day.
But if you workout full body in a day then only work on two arms parts in a day and other two on another day. Like; work on biceps and triceps in a day and deltoids and forearms on another day.
If you are a skinny guy and wanted to get big arms then workout is not enough you should take care of your diet too.
I would recommend do not see protein, carbs an blah – blah in a meal. Just eat, eat and eat as much as you can because you are skinny guy and just you have to get weight by any ways. 
But it’s not mean that you started eating that junk food No! Eat food which you get from your home not from outside. 


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