How to Manage and Style newly grown facial hair in teenage?

Treat new grown facial hair correctly, for teenage guys. 

A teen boy touching his beard.
When I was in teenage, managing my facial hair was a big puzzle for me at that time, it happens with almost every guy because at that time we did not have any advisor on that topic. Rather than that some teen guys do not care much about their newly grow facial hair they treat it badly which leads to some serious issue in their youth. Don’t let this happen to you. 
Your newly arrived facial hair are very sensitive if you treat it well then it grows well and you can style it either, but if you treated it badly it will gonna look bad on your face. 
Managing and treating teenage guys facial hair is easy but writing a post on that topic is tough, because teenage phase is our growing phase and different guys have different phases of growing in a similar age. So, determining your growing phase is impossible for us, you have to determine in which growing phase your body and your facial hair are. According to that you have to Manage your facial hair. 
For determining that you have to read this post completely and then you will be able to care your facial hair in best way. 
So, follow the tips described below for treating, managing and styling your newly arrived facial hair. 

Determining, facial hair’s growing speed. 

Facial hair growth depends on various factors. In some guys It comes quickly and in some guys it takes times to arrive. In The age range between 15 to 21 facial hair growth takes place almost in every guys. Mostly it depends on harmones which we get from our forefather.
In some guys facial hair growth started in the age of 15 and it grows completely in 2-3 years, and at the age of 17-18 that guy get his fully growth facial hair. It is the rapid grow age range where facial hair grows very fast. 
In some guys facial hair growth started in age 17 and grow completely in the age of around 20’s. It is medium facial growth. 
In some guys facial growth started in 18-19 but it takse too long time for grow properly. Some times it does not grow completely still in the age of 30. It is slow facial growth. 
 So first dicide what is your facial growth speed, is your facial hair is growing rapidly or fastly, is your facial hair growing in medium speed or it is in slow mode. 

Determining your facial hair’s maturity. 

A teen boy touching his chin and thinking.
After determining the speed of your facial hair growth now it is time to determining the type of your hair growth. Is your hair is grown-up completely, is it still growing or it seems like you did not gonna see a complete growth of your facial hair still after 25 or 30 age. 
As Described above, facial hair grows in various types. In some guys it grows completely on a particular age and in some guys it is on growing mode at same age. 
In the slow speed of grow some people’s facial hair didn’t grow completely for lifetime and in some people’s with rapid or medium speed of facial hair grow, it grows over into their face, they are types of facial hair growth. 

Suits you or not

After determining the speed and the type of your facial hair you have to also determine that if your facial hair suits you or not according to your body in your current age. 
Facial hair looks good on a person or looks ugly. It is also a important factor for styling your facial hair grow. If you’re a teenage guy then you have to be very careful about that, because it is the age where our body’s major growth takes place and major dis-balance occurs. 
In teenage along with our body growth our facial hair growth also takes place. As described above in some guys it grows very quickly but our body are not, and that’s why dis-balance occurs. Dis-balacnce mean, if your facial hair grown completely in age of 17-18 but your body is still like 14- 15 age boys then what, you are gonna look like a dwarf if you grow beard in that age. 

Clean shave 

A teen boy thinking.
If your body is not ready for grow a beard and your beard arrived completely on your face in that age then I would recommend that keep it clean shave, because you look so ugly in it. Suppose, your body is too skinny like a 14-15 years kids and your beard arrived completely on your face then it will look terrible on you, isn’t it? Or, your height is still in growing phase and you have a completely grown facial hair then it will also look terrible if you grow a beard on that body, it will make you look like a dwarf
If your facial hair is still in growing phase and didn’t grown completely yet, then you can keep it clean shaved because a half grown beard is not gonna look nice to you. Keep it clean shave until you get know that it’s growing phase ended and it is completely grown. 

Tips for clean shave a new arrived facial hair. 

  • Apply small amount of shaving cream, at the place where your facial hair grown. 
  • Take some water and rub it on your that face’s area, with brush or your finger. Rub it until it gets foamy. 
  • Now, Move the rajor on your face carefully. 
  • Make it slow and steady do not go faster otherwise you will get cuts. 
  • Do not use a cheap quality shaving cream on your face because in teenage our skin are very sensitive and a cheap quality shaving cream will harmful for that skin.
  • Do not use a cheap rajor, otherwise the chances of cuts on face will increase. One who ise cheap quality rajor can harm his face’s skin because it makes your skin rough. 
  • Use rajor along with yhe side your facial hair grown, like; apply rajor from up to down if you are shaving the chin area of your face. Like your chin, move your rajor along with direction where your facial hair growing in other area also.
  • Do not move the rajor in the opposite direction of your facial hair grown. It will make you beard or moustache’s hair defective. 

Trimming your facial hair

The stage of a teenage guy where they needed a well trimmed facial hair. You have to decide that, is your facial hair is ready for trimming or not. Here are some phase if your are in that then go for trimmed beard and moustache.
Some guy’s body development are good but their facial hair is still in growing phase. A full developed body, a good physique is worth for growing a beard, but they don’t have a full grown facial hair. That type guy should go for trimmed facial hairs, because it will give him a bearded look and also it didn’t look terrible on face because no one could recognise that, he has half grown facial hair. 
Some guys who have their body and facial hair both in growing phase they can also go for trimmed facial hair. If you are guy who has a bit fit physique, and medium facial hair then you should go for a well trimmed look. 

Tips for trimming newly arrived facial hair. 

  • Go buy a goid quality trimmer for you, because you are not more a kid you are a teenager with some facial hair. For managing these facial hairs you needed a trimmer. 
  • First wash your face with normal water and dry it with towel. It will make your hair  soft and easy for trimming. 
  • Now, apply trimmer gently on the area you wanted to trim you facial hair. 

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Let them grow

A teen boy with rough grown facial hair.
For styling a beard you have to let them grow. Every thing I described above have a special place in teenagers and they are crucial for teenage guys. 
There are some guys who is almost crossing their teenage and now weanted to grow a beard and styling it. 
First you have to decide are you ready for it. See your body physique is well developed and can have a beard on face without looking terrible. Then go for it. 
Some guys facial hairs are still in growing process but their physique is ready for a beard then what would these guys do about it. 
See, some guys wanted to grow beard because they have a physique on which beard gonna look cool, but their beard are not completely grown yet. 
These type of guys should use a trimmer where their facial hair are grown maturely and they should not trim or shave the hair of that area where facial jair are immature or still growing, let them grow. By applying this technique you will be able to grow your complete mature beard soon. 


Teenage years are very crucial for facial hairs like beard and moustache. You have to take care of it, you can’t ignore it. The steps described above, just tried to explain how you can manage your facial hair in different ways. You have to decide which is best for your facial, which type of facial hair gonna suit on your face in teenage. Like; clean shave, trimmed or leave it as it is and let them grow. These three are the very essential way for styling your beard in teenage, you can go for any of it. 
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