How to look handsome? : 15 steps to increase your attractiveness

In current generation we all wanted to look handsome and attractive. we saw how a male model maintain their-selves and we exactly wanna look like them then why shouldn’t we??
Their are two major problems, first is that we do not put effort on it. The second is that, we do not know what we have to exactly do for improve us in terms of looks and attractiveness. 
So I am writing this post how to look handsome to solve your second problem, And what about first problem? don’t worry I will talk about it in the end of post. So let us come on second problem. 
Here are some steps or ways I am describing that can surely improve yourself, just you have to take every step seriously and give your 100% on it. This post can surely help you to look more handsome and attractive than you are. 

Handsome look’s advantages 

What is the benefits of looking handsome, is it essential? These questions must be arises in your mind. So basically looking your best is essential, reasons are many I’m giving some of important of them here. 
Talking about benefits, as I say in upper sentence everyone wanted to become handsome and attractive, but why? well everyone knows answer of that question. But let me describe it more…


A handsome looking man is always a center of attraction, wherever he goes. Like in parties, clubs, in their office, in their college or school and everywhere.
Cenre of attraction means something that catches everyone’s attention wherever it is. In guys, cenetre of attraction means, a guy that seeks everyone’s attention in crowd. 
It happens most of the time with celebs, but if you are not a celebrity then the one and only thing by which you can seek everyone’s attention is YOUR LOOK. If you are good looking then a could be a centre of attraction of any particular place, wherever you go. 


A handsome look and attractive personality increase a man’s confidence from 0 to 100. A well fit body and a well hygienic face never let your confidence goes down.
You can take yourself as a example, you must have realised that the you dress dirty, looks unhygienic, you feels underconfrident on that day. On the other hand if you dressed up well, well groomed yourself then you feels confident from your inner soul. It is our nature a good looking face amd personality always gonna increase your confidence. 


I am sure that you have always seen a attractive guy have always a big friend circle (including girls and boys) the reason behind it that everyone wanted to engage with a well cleaned and hygienic guy, no one wanna talk a messy looking dirty guy, so yeah… 
There are more benefits, if we start here to describe it all, it will then make me older. So I just describe only here that three major benefits, rest you all guys are know. But these three benefits is enough that every other benefits can sum in it up. 
These are not only fifteen steps these are 15 key of changing your life completely. So I am describing here every steps and give you best and easy tips on every particular steps. After following all these steps I’ll assure you that you will see improvement in yourself.


A boy is moving his hand through his hairs
Fig: A boy running his hand on his hair. 
SO, let us talk about hair, hair plays a vital role for looking us good. You can feel it by just combing your hair in different types, you will see that your face’s look also change along with your hairstyle.
A good comb hair and better hairstyle according to face shape is always essential. It is like our routine from childhood combing hair before going out, because messy hair gives us messy look also.
So, when you are following this from childhood then why can’t not you put a lilbit extra effort in it. 

Tips for you

  • First you guys have to get a haircut according to your face shape. there were many different ways to recognizing your face shape. 
  • After recognizing your face shape. just see how many hairstyle is suitable on that type of face shape and now choose a hairstyle in that which you like, and ask your barber to cut your hair in that style. 
  • Getting a best haircut is not enough you have to take care of your hairs with a better hairstyle routine, to prevent your hair from hair fall problem,this is a huge problem in ours generation, so you have to do something about it before your hair gets bald.
  • Also if your hair is not falling yet although you have to, because precaution is always better than cure


A handsome man's face, with a structured and chiselled jawline.
A man’s handsome Ness starts from his face. A face with good structure shape catches the attention of other’s. You might have seen the man who looks handsome, definitely he has a good chiseled jawline.
But it is something that they have got from their birth, from their parent’s gene. And if you have a chiseled jawline then it is cool but if not then you can’t get it except by doing a face surgery. 

Tips for you

  • A good news that might can help you is that, sometimes we have a chiseled jawline but it is covered under our face’s chubby. If your face has double chin chubby then who knows, may be you have also a chiseled jawline. 
  • By doing some facial exercises and reducing the chubby fat of your face’s you can give your face a attractive structure and good structured face with less face fat looks more handsome always. 
  • Growing beard is also a good method for getting a structured jawline even if you have not from birth,So, get a beard style that give your jaw a chiseled jawline shape. 
  • More volume of beard on chin area or center of your face and less beard hair in the sides will give a perfect jawline shape to your face. 


A bad and unsettled eyebrow gonna ruin the look of your fascinating eyes and face. It is also a type of facial hair which needs cares and maintenence. 
Taking care of your eyebrows is important than you think, you never want that your face looks like A squirrel sitting on your eyes, that is how a big eyebrows look.

Tips for you

  • Go and pluck extra hair of your eyebrow’s. I’m not saying that make your eyebrows thin like girls, I know that a thick and well styled eyebrows look classy on men, but not only thick but also set. so you have to take care of your eyebrows you guys have to pluck extra hairs of your eyebrows by yourself. 
  • If you have a high density type eyebrows then the center of your Eyebrows is essential for plucking. Pluck the upper area just above the nose. 
  • And go in a saloon once in a month for styling of your eyebrows. 
  • In men’s a new Eyebrows trend is started nowadays that is giving cut on your Eyebrows, it gives your eyes attractive look and it enhance your Eyebrows also. Because of that cut you catches peoples attention on your eyes. So, you should try a cut on your eyebrows it will make you look like a badass.
  • If you have very thin eyebrows or it’s density is low then you do not have to do much stuff in it, because it has to enhance as much it can thin eyebrows is not men’s type. 


Imagine a guy who has good looking and dressed well, you find him cool but when he started talking to everyone it ruins everything, the reasons?? His vocal voice, his voice is too feminine or he do not have a louder and heavy voice. A feminine voice on a guy never gonna make him handsome, it can only take their attractiveness level down, that’s it. 
A manly vocal voice is a key of attraction. We don’t usually take care of that no one advise us about that. A man with heavy loud voice, attracts girl’s most. Some people judge a guy sometimes by just his voice, so for being a attractive men you have to work on your vocal voice. 

Tips for you

  • Always try to make your voice heavy and manly. Even though if you have little bit feminine voice, you can improve it by practicing. 
  • Always try to speak in heavy manly voice slowly – slowly it will become your habit and it will improve your voice and by this way you can increase your attractiveness. 
  • If any conversation is going on with people, then do not talk too much fast or too much slow. A manly voice with steady speed founds more attractive. 


Two guys one who's clean shaved and other one is with trimmed beared
A guy with well groomed facial hairs never gonna look terrible, a good and trimmed beard on a guy or clean shave always looks dapper than a unhygienic rough facial haor on a face. For giving your face’s his best version look grooming and taking care of your facial hairs is so important. 
Your beard and mustache plays a big roll to look your face handsome and attractive so never forget to style your beard and mustache. 

Tips for you

  • If your beard is not matured yet, so for clean shave. 
  • if your beard is grown completely then you can get an beard style. But according to research we found that a well trimmed beard looks most attractive in a male. And bulky beard is graded second, and clean shave is graded at last. 
  • You can try anyone which looks better on you, but never leave your beard messy and dirty. If you wants an easy solution then go buy a trimmer for you and try to trim your beard every next day.
  • Do not shave or trim your facial hair in the wrong way otherwise you will gonna harm your face. Shaving in wrong ways leads to defect in your facial hair also, so always shave and trim your beard and mustache in correct ways. 


A man with clean skin and trimmed beard
Take care of your skin properly, a dry skin never gonna look better and same goes with a oily skin, oily skin also looks terrible on anyone. A skin with lots of spots and pimples looks also so ugly, see face is the important part of your body, when we talk about handsome look’s purpose. So why would you ignore it’s pimple and spots, never. 

Tips for you

  • The first suggestion that I will give to you that do not use any products on your face until you really needed it. Meant to say that lot’s of guys apply different product on face just for getting fairness, and in the result they get a lot of pimple along with spots. 
  • See, skin color never matter for you the thing which matters is, how much clean your skin is. A tanned skin is far better than a full of pimple fair skin. You can not change your natural skin color and never try too. Just care your skin and keep it clean and better moisturized, that’s it. 
  • You should use any product on face, on two situations 
  • The first is, if your skin is fair but get tanned by dirt or sun then you can use product for getting your natural skin color back.
  • The second , is for moisturizing your skin. You have to first recognize that which type of your skin is. If your skin is oily then try those product which reduce oil from your skin. And if your skin is dry skin type then try some normal skin care product.


A Hygienic body means, a body which’s all parts is well maintained and well groomed. Imagine, If you have a good hairstyle and beard and all but on the other hand a hair of your nose is hanging out and your nose is also dirty, it’ll ruin your all style. Same goes on ear, hand, legs and other body parts. 

Tips for you

  • So you have to take care of your hair from your body parts. Always clean the unnecessary hair of your body parts.
  • Keep yourself clean and hygienic. 
  • Take bath everyday, trim hair of your nose, clean your ear and nose everyday while taking bath. 
  • Cut down your nails of fingers, these all looks very small things but it effects on your style.


A handsome man with attractive smile
A guy with smile looks good but not attractive, a guy with better smile looks attractive. A smile means just a simple smile in which teethes situation didn’t matters, Better smile means a smile in which the teeth we are showing should be also good. 
You can think that a guy has a good smile but his teeth color is yellow or his teeth has spots, because of that the good smile turns in to a bad impression. 
Second thing is your mouth smell, when you are talking to anyone and suddenly somethings happens and you get to know that his mouth is stinking then what?? you don’t wanna talk to that guy directly. Do not let this happen to you that’s why you have to take care of your mouth’s smell also. 

Tips for you

  • So brush your teeth every morning after waking up from bed and every night before going for sleep, Brush your teeth properly. 
  • Never forget to use tongue cleaner after brushing your teeth because white teeth looks better on your mouth not a white tongue.


A man taking a cologne bottle in his hand
Get rid of your body’s sweat smell because it is handsomeness killer. Your body should smell better while you are going to meet anyone, or in a meeting, or in a party. 
Imagine a guy who is well dressed and looks classy but when you start a conversation, then you realized that he is smelling bad and after this you would think to go away from him because no one wanted to smell that. 
So a better smell effects on your attractiveness. 

Tips for you

  • So go and buy a cologne or body perfume for your body. 
  • But do not buy that perfume which smells like you put a whole bottle of cologne in one use, I mean to say that do not use a heavy fragrant perfume. 
  • A soft smelling cologne is better for use. Use your body perfume or cologne before going out. See, just perfume is not enough you have to use a better smelling bath soap for a better smelling body.
  • Do not over spray your scent on your body some spray on particular place work best and it will last longer. 

You can see the full guide of applying cologne here. 


For looking handsome and attractive your dress is important, so now it comes on your dress. For being a better styled and dressed men you have to take care of your wardrobe first.
 If you do no not have much money for spending on setting your wardrobe with lots of outfits. Then you can atleast set a capsule wardrobe for you. According to me, capsule wardrobe is a list of minimum set of menswear by which you can style yourself like professional in minimum money spent.
I were wrote a post on that topic in full detail you can check here:
Must have items for men’s wardrobe 

Tips for you

  • You should buy things which is not too expensive in cost or not in too much cheap try to buy a medium range of dress in terms of money.
  • Do not buy multiple stuffs of outfits without any idea, otherwise some stuff is going to be useless for you. Buy those stuffs that can match up and looks good on a wide range of outfits. 
  • Do not buy those stuffs your are not comfortable with and just buying because it is trending. Because trends comes and go very fast. 
  • So rather than following trends buy that outfit stuffs which is evergreen. 


A well dressed guy in simple black shirts

After setting up your wardrobe you have to wear it in a proper way. If you do not have a sense of dressing and how to style a dress properly, then whatever stuff you wear, however you set your wardrobe not gonna look good on you. 

A better dressing can make you look attractive whether you have little or limited stuffs in your wardrobe. On other hand if your wardrobe is full of stylish outfit stuffs but you do not wear it in a proper way. 
Do not match the color perfectly, do not wear it in the way it should be worn then you are gonna ruin your whole wardrobe stuffs. 
You should have a sense of matching color, pairing upper body and lower body combo. For improving your dressing dense you have to make efforts. Start seeing model how they conmbinate their dress. How they carry them-selves.

Tips for you

  • See, black and white color should must be in your wardrobe because it can be combinate with any color. 
  • Improving your dressing sense is something in which you have to put effort on it there were no shortcut of this step. You should follow a model which you thought have a great dressing sense and notice everything of him.
  • Do not be a baroque, means do not wear over ornate outfits, maximum 3 colors in an outfits should be involve. 


A man doing workout
The most effective and hard working thing is this, for increasing your handsomeness. If you have a perfect fit body it is always going to look attractive, this a first thing on which men have to work from their teenage for their attractiveness. 
Who don’t like the man with sixpack abs, EVERYONE WILL.
Look, you have to know that, 

Your body is temple of yourself, and you have to take care of them.

Working out will make your body fit and attractive too. This is a hard way but a most important  step you can not skip it. if you can afford your gym fee then definitely go for GYM, but if you can not afford gym fee or you have another problem for going gym then you start your workout on your home also.

Tips for you

  • Go get up and start doing workout, on gym.If you have any problem for going gym, then start doing workout at home, at least for 1 hours in a day. 
  • In teenage I have some problem by which I could went for gym at that time, but the thing which I do was very helpful for me, May be it will also help you.
  •  So go buy only one dumbbell you can purchase it at least, now you can do full body workout by that one dumbbell.
I have written a post here:
One dumbbell full body workout plan


After all this a small thing on which you have to work on, is your behavior and manner. People also note that how you are behaving with them or others. See we all respect that people who is above or richer than us, but a real manner is that when you treat well or respect the people, who is smaller and poor than you.

So saying THANK YOU to a waiter, after he served his pizza is not let you down but it will make you a manner able man. The three words which can change your behavior, just say it wherever you know it is needed is; THANK YOU, SORRY AND EXCUSE ME.It is so easy isn’t.


Concentrated mind will help you in every work, whichever you do. Because you can not do anything if your mind is running from here to there you have to make your mind stable. A stable and concentrated mind can help you to grow out with any situation. 
So start doing meditation or Yoga at least 15 to 30 min. in a day.Meditation and yoga will help your mind to improve their strength.And will provide power for doing your work. 1 hours workout and a 15 to 30 mins. meditation in a day is a outstanding combo.You can do it for 5 days in week.


These all steps will improve you from outside but what about of inside you. This last step is all about improving yourself as a attractive and handsome man from inside. 
See, you have to think from inside that you are the most charming and handsome man in your group, because if you do not think about you in such way, why will else were. 
So, think that you are an alpha male or bad-ass men. Walk in confidence, talk in confidence left your shyness and be a confident man. Everyone wants to talk and be friend with the man who has a talking skills. You have to work on it.


These 15 steps will solve your second problem which I discuss above now at end let us talk about first problem, see guys there is no shortcut for becoming a handsome man in a day.
 It is slow process you have to be serious about it and think that it is the only way to change your life. Because attractiveness is a thing that you can only get by hard work and passion.
Do you get the answer of your question?? Which is ‘HOW TO LOOK HANDSOME’. 
See guys, everyone is handsome and unique in their own way, these were just a way for becoming the best version of yourself. 
You cannot change yourself and you should not, love yourself the way you are. Just improve yourself and become the best version of yourself this is the key of becoming handsome.
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