Gentlemen’s code of chivalry : How to be a chivalrous gentlemen.

What do a gentleman do that he catches everyone’s attention, whether it is about getting a girl’s eyes on him or being the best employee in his boss’s eye.
It is just the etiquette of yours which gonna decide, what you will get from people. The more decent and polite your behavior will, the more you catch the attention of people’s.
If you will being chivalrous to everyone then no one could resist to call you a gentleman. Everyone will respect you, you will get better engaged with others everyone will love to be with you because of your chivalry behavior.
Girls love, a chivalrous gentleman, a man that cares for her, give her a respect and behave like gentleman, girls fall for that type of man.
Excited… Haan?? Wants to know, What is that etiquette which can make you a gentleman from a man?? Easy… this post is all yours, you will get the answer here.
Without spending any more O’ clocks on rubbish headings which you all already known to, like; what is chivalry and blah – blah, I will direct move to the main topic of our post now.
So, it is the time to reveal the gentlemen’s code which make them a chivalrous person, the etiquette that you should must know and follow in your daily life for being a true gentleman.
First let us talk about some chivalrous secret or etiquette of a gentlemen towards the girl. 

Learn saying ‘After you’ to her

A gentleman follows the ‘ladies first’ rule. He always took the girl first, who is with him. A true chivalrous man never forget to say the word ‘after you’ to the girl.
So from now if you are with any girl (your friend, girlfriend), do not forget the word after you. If you are entering in a seminar hall, movie hall or in a elevator, just point your hands towards the door and say her ‘after you’.
That simple word made a big different. Rather than giving the girl chance to entry if you will jump first and entry then that girl will take you as a cheap man, with zero etiquette. It will never be a good impression.

Offer her your hand for help

A man holding woman's hand.
A man holding woman’s hand.
Next chivalry gentlemen’s secret towards girl is giving girl a support. Meant to say, if you are walking with girl and there is some hard thing to walk properly in way like; stairs or something then simply expand your hand for helping her.
So from now if you are on walk with a girl or just anywhere with a girl if their is a rug way never forget to expand your hand for helping her.
Here you can keep yourself first, suppose ; you are going on a stage with a girl just go on the stage first and after that offer your hand to the girl for helping her.

Open the door/pull chair for her

It is just another way of offering your help to a girl. This etiquette is sign of gentlemen’s. A gentleman never feel awkward or shame for helping a girl, just by opening the door for her or pulling chair for her.
It gives your girl a distinguished feeling, she will think you are someone who thinks she is special. Giving your girl a reason to feel special is the best way to impress her, no girl can resist that touching impression that you leave on her, just by following a secret of chivalrous men’s.
So from now, whenever you are with a girl (known) just open the door of a room, car or etc. for her. If you are in a cafe or restaurant just pull the chair for her and let her sit.
Not for only your soulmate, if there is your female friend you can offer her help like these too. Do not do it just for impression, rather do it because it is a sign of chivalrous person.
After talking about the behavior towards girl let us know about some secret etiquette of gentlemen’s that he show in a social gathering or in a group/solo conversation. 

Be a good Listener

Two men in black suit talking with each other.
Two men in black suit talking with each other.
The first secret that enhance a men’s chivalrous behavior in any conversation with anyone is ‘being a good listener’. Whenever a man talk to another person if he is a good listener then you can say he has a etiquette of talking.
Being a good listener just not mean that you keep your mouth completely shut and let other person take on completely, if you do so then the person front of you will think that you are not even interested to talk with him.
Being a good listener means that you should not cut a person in between when he is saying something. Let them complete and after that put your thought about the conversation in front of him or reply him.
If there is something very important to say or you get excited to say something while the person front of you is still speaking, even though in this situation you don’t should say that. You can do one thing to indicate the person that he should stop now, is raising your hand and pointing the person with finger to stop.
After that he could either stop at the same time or he will short their word and will stop, quickly.

Be silent&smile on people’s green eye.

A men sitting alone in a cafe and smiling
A man sitting alone in a cafe and smiling
There is no one who is having zero haters in today’s world except you are someone very special for the world.
So, when you improve yourself in terms of your look, etiquette and finance then the jealously will start on other person’s mind.
Not everyone going to like you there are haters too, rather there are more haters than the lovers or good wisher of yours.
So the secret of a chivalrous man by which he deals with that problem is just by being silent & smile.
Suppose you are on a party, social gathering or in a crowded function, where person who have green eyes on you, they will gonna do their work by taunting you or insulting you. On this situation a gentleman never argue with that cheap green eyers because their is no benefit of arguing with them.
Never argue back of mild taunting and insults because that narrow minded person wants the same. Rather than that if you will, be silent and give a decent smile to them then it will make them feel terrible.
The special tip: 
Never take that taunt or insult seriously which is just made by a jealous person. Because he never wants to see you happy and improved that’s why he is taunting you, ignore it completely.
Keep distance with that green eye ‘s person or negative person.

Accept the appreciation, decently.

A men appreciating the design of boutonniere of other men's suit.
A man appreciating the design of boutonniere.
The next secret of men’s chivalry is accepting the appreciation in a decent way.
Again, you are on a social gathering, party or in place something like that then there are your well wishers also in that social gathering, and guess what they are appreciating you on any good in you, whether it is your look, manner or something else.
Do what a gentleman do, give them a thanks back in return of that appreciation. In the long run you’ll learn women appreciate the small things more than anything – even organizing simple activities could earn you bonus points such as playing online free cribbage.
If there is a special girl sharing that appreciation then you should not give her just a thanks, give her a decent flirt back. That’s what a gentlemen do with that girl which he likes.
Do not be so cheap with that flirt back line or not be so cheesy with it. just be decent and praise her back, you can be bit funny on that time too.
Do not flirt back with every girl, flirt back with the girl you are dating, friend or you wanted to date with her in future.
In the long run you’ll learn women appreciate the small things more than anything – even organizing simple activities could earn you bonus points such as playing online free cribbage.

Making Eye contact

A man and woman making eye contact, while sitting in a cafe.
A man and a woman sitting in a cafe.
Eye contact is the main key of having a good and memorable conversation with a person. A gentleman make a proper eye contact with the person he talk.
It is a secret that make a gentleman look so confident.
Whenever talk with any person always make a proper eye contact with them, it makes them feel that how confident you are! The people front of you will trust on whatever you are speaking and will listen you carefully if you talk with them with a proper eye contact.
Rather than teasing the girl for getting her by a mischievous way, you can give your eyes on her in chivalrous way.
Making an decent eye contact with the girl whom you want to go date with, will make the girl feel that you are after her. If she eyes you back then you are all set to go and talk with her like a gentleman.
Eye contact can enhance the affection of both of you.

Give respect and be kind

The another gentlemen’s code of chivalry is giving respect to everyone. Either the people standing front of him is elder than him or younger, he respects everyone.
The second thing is being kind to that person which have lower class than you.
Like; a waiter, servant or driver a gentleman never shout and misbehave with them, be kind with them.
Those people give respect to other’s who  are self respected person in his eyes  and respectfull in other’s eyes too. What was that saying :
You donate those thing to others which you are enrich with.
Give people respect and kindness, if you will behave respectfully with the men front of you, then in return most of them will respect you too, your respect will also gain.

Do not hesitate to Appreciate others

Two men talking with a proper manner
A boss is appreciating his employee for a good work.
For catching people’s attention or starting a conversation to a person, the chivalry trick that a gentleman use that by appreciating others.
Not for just any purpose for no reason, if you really like someone’s hairstyle or shoe don’t hesitate to say it that he is good at it. Just go and say ‘Hey!! I like your hairstyle it is awesome or your hair is looking so cool’ same for shoe ‘your shoe is looking so flawless, where did you get this?’.
It is easy, isn’t it? Who don’t like a appreciation for what he do, if he puts a effort for getting attention then give it, may be that small line will make his day. You also get your chivalrous on.

Remember, The pre-school manners

The last and very old etiquette of  men that he should remember and must follow in their youth.
A chivalrous man never forget the manner or follow the manner he got learned in his pre-school. These are the manner everyone had taught about in their pre, but most of us forget that as we grow.

Saying thank you

Let’s remember some of them. The first was saying thank you to a helper or appreciator. Just do not forget to say thank you whenever someone is helping, serving, appreciating etc. you. Say thank you to everyone whether their is your boss who is promoting you or their is a waiter serving you just say thank you.

Saying excuse me and sorry-

Do not ever forget that word if you are on the way of a chivalrous gentleman. Say excuse if your disturbing someone who is in your way.
Never hesitate to say sorry if something wrong happens by you, a simple sorry ward can make the thing easier. You should say sorry  even for very small mistakes that is made by you.
It makes you a gentleman.

Don’t make that wierd sip sound, while drinking something

A man in navy blue suit, coffee cup in his hand.
A man in navy blue suit, coffee cup in his hand.
If you are with someone or even if you are alone, if you have a habit of making that weird sip sound while drinking something then you should forget it.
It was the thing, for that our parents used to scold us on our childhood, they don’t make that sound, a good boy never make this. If you ate forget this then it is time to relearn about it.
Conclusive word-
These were the secret that makes a man, a gentleman in everyone’s eyes. If you will do these things you will see that people will like you as well as you will feel good.
Mischievous or chivalrous pronunciate same?? But do not confuse in those words, those are almost the opposite word. If your behaviour will mischievous you will not gonna get happiness and success in your life rather than that you gonna loose whatever you have, now.
On the other hand the chivalrous behaviour will make you a true and tiptopgent!!!
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