Current Men’s fashion trends in India for 2020


So, here we are in year 2020 and talking about trends of men’s fashion industry. Fashion in 21st century is changing rapidly like a movie which is played on 2x or 4x speed. It is very tough to describe about fashion trends because it is in various types, according to time and different countries. Like a outfit which is in trend in some countries they are out of trend for some others. So I’m here writing post on current INDIAN fashion trend for men’s and teenager also. The men’s wear which ever I mentioned here is in currently on trend or going to be trending in 2020.
Years change with time and trends are too. Trends are changing like time changes from morning to evening. It is hard to write a post on current trends because trends change very swiftly. But being a men’s fashion and lifestyle blogger we have to notice every new style and current fashion, for you guys. 
In this post you will only get to know about normal business casual or casual outfits which is trending on 2020. I’m not going to describe about every men’s outfit which is currently in trend. 


Men’s fashion is not confined, it is deep like a sea, that’s why there are various upper wear items in men’s outfit or you can say it is uncountable. Describing every trendy upper wear item is impossible.
So, I I’m talking here, about some casual or business casual upper wear items while keeping winter’s season in my mind. 


Shirt are a ideal outfit for men’s from long time and it is not outdated yet in year 2020. Shirt’s fashion in men’s outfit remains unchanged except it’s size and design, only these changes takes place in men’s shirts. There are several new design always takes place in trends of every years and it’s sizes too. 
So, I’m describing here the designs which is in trend or gonna be a trend in 2020. It depends on your country so, let’s begin, 


Collection of Striped shirts

 Shirts in strips design on it currently in a queue of men’s fashion trends of 2020 almost every fashion Loving country’s mens are loving this type of design. 
 Striped shirts is a new trend which is currently on demand. Every fashion models and influencer are now wearing this type of shirt. This shirt can go with formal as well as casual also that’s why it is trending. 

About design

The design of this shirt is simple but classy. It has horizontal stripes on it on the whole shirt. This stripes are basically in two colour they could be in any colour. There are many fashionista’s who are going with half sleeves striped shirts also. 

Buy a perfect striped shirt

  • A striped shirt with white background colour will always best. Mean, if you wanted to try a striped shirt then go for a shirt in which the background colour should be white and the other colour could be any colour like; black, red, yellow etc. 
  • Do not buy a shirt with too wide strip on it. The striped shirt which is trending now is with thin stripes design on it. So the shirt whichever strip design is little bit thin is will best. 
  • If you want to wear it as a casual wear then buy it from market. And if you wamted to wear it as a formal wear then buy a cloth and go for a bespoke striped shirt. 


A boy wearing Check shirts

The shirt with check design on it, is some of the outfits which is in trending for long period of time, and it is still in trend. The check shirts was used to wear in 90’s and it still in trend in 2020. The on change which takes place is it’s size. The 90’s check shirts were lil bit loose andbig and the current check shirt is well fit and in perfect sizes. 

About design

The design of the check shirt which is trending now a days is, a square shape boxes which are in two colours and the box design is spread all over the shirt like a chess board design. 
But in check shirts there are different types of checks. Different colours and different types are now in trends for square checks.

Buy a perfect trendy check shirt

  • A square check shirt with two same colour shades will best but keep in mind that one colour should middle of any colour’s shade and the other colour should the darkest colour of that colour’s shade. For reference check image. 
  •  In winter season woolen shirts in square checks are trendy. In summers cotton square checks is on demand nowadays. 
  • For casuals go for a readymade shirt and for formal bespoken check shirt would be the best. 


Flower printed design on shirt is something new concept are founded by our spectacular fashion designers of men’s outfits. It is a bramd new design on a shirt some people is taking that design as an androgynous design, it’s fine. It is type of design which is more casual than formal. Though It is made as casual wear’s design but there are several cliques who are wearing it as a formal wear. It is on demand for men’s fashion wear.

About design

It comes with various colours and designs. Like it’s name some of it’s design has a different types of flowers and leaves on it. It is fully covered with that print. Not just leaves and flower, any type of design which filled the whole shirt are taken as a flower printed design and that shirt called flower printed shirts. 

Buy a perfect trending flowers printed shirt

  • Go for a shirt whichever theme will based on only one colour. Like a flower printed shirt which is in cool shades colour(blue). It could be various types of blues like dark, light etc. it should be only in blue not any other could join it. 
  • If you wanted to use on some extra casual places like on beach then you can go for half sleeves flower printed shirt. 
  • If you wanted to wear it as a formal wear then keep in mind that it collar and sleeves cuff should stiffed. 

2. Hoodie 

Apart from shirts the second thing which is on boom in 2020 is hoodie I had to talk about it because it is a symbol of men’s casual wear. Although, it is suitable only in winters but it has to be in this list. 
A boy wearin a yellow colour hoodie
In frame @SANGYANU 

Hoodie is new sensation in men’s wear specifically for winter seasons. For summers also hoodie is in craze nowadays. It is classy as well as trendy upper wear for men’s casual.
There are various types of hoodie in market but how you can choose the best hoodie foryou so,

Here are some tips to buy a perfect hoodie for you. 

  • Go for lilbit big size hoodie. You have seen celebs wearing a big size hoodie and it’s looks awesome on them. You can also rock with that type of hoodie. Just go and try. 
  • Buy without zip/chain type hoodie. Hoodie along with with chain is out of fashion according to me. Currently a hoodie without chain is trending and it is more comfortable. 
  • Buy hoodie with long cap behind it look swaggy and awesome. 


As I mentioned above that men’s wear is not so easy to describe especially when you are talking about trends which is a headache. So, here I made a list of some importanylt and massive trending men’s lower wear outfits. But this will definitely work.

3. Check pants

Guys wearing check pants
The check pants with white square check on it are perfect trendy lower wear nowadays. It is basically a formal wear but you can go with casual also with this pants. 

About Designs

There are two designs of the check pants which is trending. 
In first design there are a square boxes on whole pant and they are filled with a special colour shade like; if it is in blue colour shade then some square will filled with dark blue, some will light blue and some will normal blue but in a pttern. 
In the second design there are two colours in it also first is background colour and it is often dark, And the second colouris the colour by which the border of the square boxes made. 

Tips to buy a perfect check pants

  • Always buy a ankle length check pants for a classy formal look.
  • Don’t go for too tight or too baggy just buy a normal fit pant according to your legs.
  • A dark colour check pants is always awesome. But you can try light color also.
  • Always pair check pants with plain shirts or upper wear. 
  • Do not wear check pants and check upper wear at the same time. 

4. Military printed pants

Military printed pants are in trend, they are also in various colors and designs. If we talk about colors it comes generally with dark colors like blue, black, brown. According to it’s design it is available in every design like as;joggers, trousers, jeans etc. 
Joggers type military design pants are most trending in all of these designs. 

Tips for buying a perfect military printed pants

  • A standard fit cargo military style trouser should be in your option. 

  • Joggers in military printed style looks so cool they give your pants a realistic military style look. 

5. Jeans

Whenever I talk about jeans I mention a black jeans and a White jeans is always going to be a game changer for you. If I talk about trend in jeans black and white jeans are still in trending, but with just a twist in it.
Two guys wearing jeans in two different colours

The jeans which is in trend is full black colour/full white color jeans with a cut on knee area. The cut on knee area gives it a modern era look, you can also call it damage jeans.
Most of us doesn’t like excess damages on jeans, because it looks cheap. But along with that we wanted to wear damage jeans so it is perfect for us.


Sneakers is my all time favourite shoe and I love to wear it for casuals as well as formal also. There is no doubt that sneaker is now in trend now a days. 
So I’am talking about sneakers only, here. Two type of sneaker is on demand… 

6. White sneakers

White sneaker showing off

The first one is white sneaker which is in trend from 90’s and it is still in tending with just a few changes in it. Invest some money to buy a white sneaker it will pair up with every type of dress. That is why it is my personal favourite. 

7. Black sneakers w/ horizontal strip

 A black flat sneaker with a white horizontals stripe on it is in trending. It is also can go up with casual and formals.


8. A black rectangular face ring

It is very classy ring for men which is in trend. You are going to stand out after wearing this classy ring. Everyone will know that you have a good taste of fashion.

9. An elegant watch

This type of watch is not in trend but going to be in a trend in some days it look very elegant and classy.


So, guys there are some men’s fashion wears  which is currently trending in India. Everything I have mentioned here is currently trending and will trend for long time. I was not mentioned any thing here which is short time trending.

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