6 Unique Dressing Hacks For Skinny or Thin Guys.

Hello!! there, are you a skinny guy? I know you are that’s why you are on this article. If you are, then this is gonna be one of the most interesting articles for you. 

I’m going to share here some dressing hacks that is especially for skinny guys which help them to hide their skinny body and enhance their swanky side. 

Being a skinny guy I use these hacks on myself So you might find some of these hacks silly, but I have to add them because who knows, the hack you found silly that same hack would be useful for some other guy. 

So, here is 6 unique dressing hacks (you would never hear about them) that every skinny guy should know for looking better in every dress.

Let’s see what they are- 

Roll sleeves and twist

Dressing Hacks For Skinny Guys.

The first hack is on wearing a shirt for skinny guys, if you are a skinny guy and you wear a full sleeves shirt, it looks good when it hugs your biceps properly and tight.

But very rarely we find a shirt that hugs our biceps properly especially when you are a skinny guy, then what you should do, This hack will help you out-

  • First, roll your shirt’s sleeves.
  • Then just grab that folded cuff of your sleeves and twist it around your biceps. 
  • That’s it you will find that now it is a bit tight on your biceps than before. 

Use sleeve’s second button

The second hack is also on men’s shirts but it is for those who don’t want to roll their shirt sleeves. 

If you do not want to roll your shirt’s sleeves and your shirt sleeves are a bit lose on your forearms then you can use this hack-

It is not a hack, it is a common thing that every normal shirt have but we usually don’t use it. 

  • I’m talking about that second button in your sleeve’s cuff use that second button in your favour as a skinny guy. 
  • Button up your sleeves second button on its first whole so it will hug tightly on your forearms. 
  • You can button up with second whole too for making a bit more tight on forearms. 
  • You can try this hack on those shirts which is a bit loose on your forearms. 

Use pant’s second button or hook/ roll its waistband

Use pant's second button or hook/ roll its waistband

The third hack similar to the second one, but it is for pants. If your pants are loose on its waist and if you use a belt to hold it but it still looks odd or uncomfortable then you can use this hack. 

  • Some trousers or pants have 2 buttons and two wholes just leave that first one and button up your first button on the second whole. 
  • If your pant has a single button then you can roll your pants waistband one time to make it tight a bit on waists. 

Roll T-shirt’s Sleeves

Some skinny guys are there who wanted to wear there half sleeves shirts but when they wear it they found it too loose and it looks terrible when a skinny guy wears a half sleeve’s loose t-shirt. 

If you have a half sleeve’s t-shirt which you wanted to wear and it looks good but its sleeves are too loose on your biceps which make it look weird on you, if something is like that to you then this hack is for you-

  • You can roll your half sleeves t-shirts sleeve’s too for making it a bit tight on your biceps. 
  • If the sleeves of your t-shirt are a bit big then you can roll out half the way. 
  • Roll it till where your triceps start. 

Cuff Roll Your Jeans

Next hack for your jeans or chinos. Rolling the cuff of your these pants. 

You might know about it already but if you know about it and you are a skinny guy then what are you waiting for start using that hack with all your jeans and chinos. 

Being a skinny guy we found that most of our pants are look baggy especially from down (above your shoes) 

This hack makes your pants look fit if your pant is loose or a bit large by its length then this hack will manage all these problems.

Just learn how to cuff roll your jeans properly and start using this hack – 

How to cuff roll your jeans. 

Steps to cuff roll pants.
  1. just grab extra fabric
  2. Attach it with near your leg and make it tight
  3. grab it from there and roll two times like picture.

Use Scarves/Sacrf

A guy wearing a brown scarf.

Being a skinny guy When you see yourself in a mirror you find that your neck looks ridiculous, the neck is one of the annoying body parts of us being a skinny guy. 

A hack that can help to hide your skinny thin neck is that last hack. 

It is using scarves or scarf, use scarf always when you go out especially then when you wear upper wear which doesn’t have a collar.

Scarves help you in different ways in summers, summer scarf help you to control sweat and protecting your body from the sun’s harsh rays and yup!! It will hide your skinny neck too. 

In winters scarves or mufflers help you to protect yourself from cold and hide your neck. 

Conclusion – 

So that’s it, these were the hacks that I thought every skinny guy should know because I am also a skinny guy and I use these hacks to pretend to look ridiculous skinny guy and enhance myself as a swanky skinny guy.

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