Best way to wear men’s formals dress and colour combo tips.


Hi there, post is all about men’s formal.
Wearing and styling in a formal dress is not easy task. A well dressed man in formals shows tahat he has a good dressing sense. A formal derss shows your class and official attitude. It brings up your maturity level. Men in formals look stylish as well as simple, formals is basically a mixture of style and simplicity.

We all have to wear formal at certain age at teenage we wear formals as a uniform of our college or school, from young age to old we wear it as a official dress or we wear it on special occasion. So basically formals is not a strret style type dress which you can wear anywhere you have to know when you have to wear it and how.
Many of us wear formals but in terrible way or a traditional way, if you wear your formals then it’s not a formal dressing.


  • In formals your pant should iron good.
  • I prefer a dark colour pant always look classy (like-black, brown, Gray etc.) You can also try some trendy light color pants(like-white,cream etc.)
  • You Can also try pants with checks
  • An ankle length fitted pant is best fit for your pant keep your pant lenght from waist to your ankle


  • A ironed shirt which fits your body properly not too loose not too tight.
  • You should have light colour shirt in your wardrobe and try also some dark colour.
  • If You are wearing just shirt&pants and wanted to raise your styling level don’t forget to role your sleeves.


So some basic tips but important for you

  • Tuck your shirt’s collar under your suit
  • Your suit sleeves lenght should be lilbit smaller than your shirts
  • If your suit have 3 button then close middle one and first one (optional ) last one never.
  • If your suit have 2 buttons then close first one 2nd never.
  • Never close last button of your suit.(except it has only one button)

Colour combinations tips

  • Always match your pants colour with your suits colour.
  • Always wear opposite colours shirt & pants like- if you are wearing a dark colour pant then wear light colour shirt.
  • If you are wearing a check pant then wear simple shirts..and If check shirt then simple color pant.
I hope this article is useful for you guys. THANKYOU
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by Sangyanu
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