Tips for Young guys to look stylish in school/college uniform.


This is most frequently asked question by a teen or young boy, that how would they look stylish and classy in their college or school in their everyday boring uniform.Basically this post is for those who wore a uniform in their college and wanted to stand out in those uniform. They can look stylish and unique in that everyday uniform dress. Just follow some basic styling rules and tips and then you can rock in your college.


check and ready everything what you have to wear at night before going on bed. Plan everything what you have to wear on the next day set your color combo and ready your accessories. At night you have alot of time to think, so before going on bed give some time for your dress, that what can you wear from your wardrobe for looking your best. 


A well fit outfit always looks classy on any body type. No matter your body is slim or fatty you have to fit your dress according to your body. 
guys if your dress is fitted to your body then it’s the best for you…
If you wear a nice stylish dress but if it is loose or tight on your body or it is not according to your body type then you are going to ruin your outfit. So the first and golden rule for looking classy in school/college dress is that you have to wear a well fit uniform.


The second rule is that you have to wear a well clean and ironed uniform. You can look stylish even though in your college uniform there are many classy students who knows this secret and they look classy in their school uniform. So why are you guys can’t, don’t wear a dirty or unironed uniform. 
I know at this age your iron..will not lasts for longer. Your shirt is going to look unironed just in 1 hour after you wear it. But you have to take care about it, whatever you are wearing it shoul be clean and ironed. 


The last but not least this is always my best rule for looking stylish in college uniform. If your college/school allows you that you can roll your sleeve so go for it. Rolling your sleeves gives us a stud look. You have to try this. 
A men looks 2x more attractive if he rolled up their sleeves. So what are you waiting for next time when you wear your uniform never forget to rolled up your shirts sleeves. 
At teenager you have to look lilibit classy ,if your college/school allow you…

Must role your sleeve’s not about what you are wearing it’s all about how you carry it…and be confident with always be confident

I hope this article is useful for you guys. THANK YOU
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by Sangyanu
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