3 different and stylish ways to roll shirt sleeves.

Many of us are fond of wearing shirts in different season and well as we were fond of wearing any dress in style and for wearing a shirt with a style, a very important thing we should never forget to do that is rolling our shirt’s sleeve.

If you used to roll your shirt in a dirty or rough way then stop doing that it will never gonna help, it will just gonna harm your shirt and your style only. 

Rolling your shirt plays a big roll to enhance your look. Girls like boys with roll sleeves shirt over full sleeves. So you should also try a way to roll your sleeves out of them and be stylish. 

1.The Aifa roll

Tutorial on how to roll up your sleeve in Aifa roll.

So, the first one is basic roll sleeve the aifa roll. It is the simple looking sleeve roll. Ot os easy to learn, remember the first time when you had tried to roll your sleeve, definitely you would end up with that type of roll. Because it is so easy. 
It is basic type of rolling your shirt. 
  • just grab your shirt and fold it two times.  Done just give some time and make it nice it should not be look messy

2.The High roll

Steps of high roll method of rolling sleeves.

The second one is same like but it’s little hard to make you have to make it properly otherwise it ruin your style
  • grab your shirt sleeves end and fold it like AIFA ROLL just do more one thing fold it one more time. Done make it nice with hands. You got The high roll sleeves fold.

3.The crew roll

This my personal best sleeve roll style. It looks trendy and stylish. Some shirts have different color at inside of sleeves end this style is best for that shirt. But you can try it one your simple shirt also.
This crew roll is hard than above two.
  • So first grab your sleeves end and pull it towards your shoulder pull more like pic.
  • Then just again grab the new end and again pull it over the first one.
  • Left some sleeves end for highlighting.
I hope this article is useful for you guys. THANKYOU
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