Teenage boys Hairstyle routine without using any product

Hairstyle Routine without using any expensive Hair Products. 

At teenage we don’t have much money to spent on our hair styling products but we all wanted to set our hair like celebs. So how can you be. I’m here back again with new blog this all about how you can style your hair (full routine) even if you don’t have money to spent on hair product. 

So, here are the steps which is my personal hairstyling routine.

Oiling your hair 

If you apply Some hair oil it will ruin your hairstyle. Your hair looks sticky and
gummy. After applying oil your hair gets heavy that’s why you can’t make any hairstyle. But oiling your hair is important for your hair it provides nourishment to your hair. So what can you do that you oil your hair and style your hair also. 
So I’m telling you what I do for overcoming of that problem is….
  • Before going for shower apply some oil in your hair. 
  • rub your head gently with your fingers for getting your hair nourishment. 
  • Wait for 10-15 minutes, let your head absorb the oil completely. 
  • Now, go and get a shower and wash your hair, that’s it. 
  • By applying this method your hair get nourished and you can style your hair also. 
  • Always remember repeat these steps only 2times in a week Not everyday. 
Washing your hair

After following the step,Now how to wash hair for better styling. Washing your hair is also important for your hair. There’s not any tricky technique to wash your hair washing your is simple step for styling your hair. How I wash my hair,
  • just go and buy the shampoo sachet pack from shop,if you have a proper shampoo bottle then it’s also good. 
  • Go in the shower wash your hair with water and then put half quantity of shampoo in sachet(same quantity from bottle also) and apply it on your hair.
  • Rub your hair gently with finger for 2-3 minutes and then wash your hair with water. 
  • After this take the remain shampoo in sachet and again apply it on hair this time wash it off quickly, Done. 
  • Do not wash your hair everyday repeat this process after 3-4 days. 

Drying your hair

After washing your hair don’t let it dry itself,take a towel and rub it on your head gently. Do not rub hard otherwise it let your hair damage and hair falling problem. 

Styling your hair

The last and most important step for increasing your hairstyle game. We see how celeb style their hair and look classy but at teenage we don’t have money to spent on that hair products for getting the hairstyle like them. Then, what Will we do. 
I’m not sure this will help you or not but this is the technique which I use to style my hair , I hope this will helpful for you. 
Way for getting volume in your hair. 
  • After washing your hair you dry your hair but it should not dry completely. Just comb your little bit wet hair with the style you want to give your hair. 
  • After this lay down on bed straight in front of cooler or fan. And let you hair dry at this position for 2-3 Mins.
  • By doing this your hair will get volume because in this position your hair is along with gravitational force which help your hair to not fall down. 
  • After drying your hair again make it nice with comb ,You are all done. 

Way for stay your hair in a specific position. 

    • If you use to comb your hair by side like from left or from right side. Then this trick is for you.
    • First after bath half dry your hair with towel and then comb it but opposite side you usually used to.
    • If you comb your hair from left side then comb it from right and same as if you used to comb your hair from right side then this time comb it from left side. 
    • Now leave it for dry. Or for more you can sit in front of your fan and keep your hair to the side of your fan and use the fan air as a hairblower’s hair. 
    • After, when it dry a lil bit again comb your hair from the side you used to comb your hair. 
    • You can see your hair has much volume and staying capable. 

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