Full body effective workout for skinny guys.

Here are some home workout for you guys. For some reasons we are unable to go gym and train our body according to trainer the reason could be anythimg like at teenage we all are busy in our studies that’s why we don’t have time to go gym or our parents did not give us permission to going for gym, the big reason is that we don’t have money at teenage for gym because we all are depend on our parents.
But don’t worry guys here I’m back again with your problem’s solution again with new blog this blog is all about teenager boys fitness.

I’m also a teenager and I follow all workouts with instructions and it helped me gaining my body I think it will heplful for you guys also.
So let’s get started….
You can perform these body workout anywhere you just need a dumbbell and some place.

1.Full body warmup excercise

So the first one is your body warmup excercise it target on all parts of your upper body like chest,biceps,triceps,shoulder etc.

  • First grab your dumbbell vertically with both hand in front of your waist position.
  • Now lift up your dumbbell and take it to right up on your head.
  • Just stop your both hand there and now take the dumbbell behind your body near your neck.
  • Again take it to up of your head and then take your both hand in front of your waist.
  • Repeat this process 40-50 times per day and 5-6 days in a week.


For gaining your biceps you don’t have to follow a same workout it will not help your muscle to gain fastly, you have to change your biceps workout. It will help your muscles to break down and then again rebuild by this process your biceps gain fastly So, here are 2 biceps workout You can switch it aftey every 2 days.

1.Normal stand biceps workout.

Take dumbbell on that hand you wanted to start with, now open your arms and grab dumbbell horizontally near your waist.
  • Now take your dumbbell up by folding your arms.
  • Go back down again repeat this process 40-50 times at starting days.

2.Up and twist arm biceps workout

  • just follow the 1. Dumbbell workout process but in this case when you done by lifting the dumbbell and take back again near waist.
  • twist your hand at 90¤ angle now lift up your dumbbell near your chest then go down again.
  • Repeat all the process 25-30 times per day.

Switch both dumbbell workout after 2 days and do biceps excercise 5-6 days in a week.


In your chest workout you have to give your chest a hard workout along with more rest. Chest workouts needs rest.
You can do pushups which is basic but powerfull upper body workout and this is best for your chest. But if you have one dumbbell then you must do this workout for getting a nice and broad chest.

Standing position chest workout

    • first stand near a wall touch wall with your one hand and give your body support.
    • grab the dumbbell in your second arm open your that near your waist.
    • Now swing your hand like you ar throwing a ball at underarm position.
    • Take your hand back as much as you can and when you are taking it front move your hand freely.
    • repeat this for 30-40 times per day and do chest workout 2-3 days in a week.

    4.abs workout

    The standing position abs workout
    I’have tried lot’s of abs excercise but the excercise which impress me is that. In image you can see both hand is near the head if you have a dumbbell just grab a dumbbell with your both hands at that position, it will more effective.

      • Stand straight and now put your hands near your head like in image.
      • now just bend your body at 90^ angle from your waist.
      • Now you have to come back again but this time don’t straight when you are liftimg your body just turn your body at left side at same time.
      • Now again go down and back again this time turn body at right side.
      • repeat this workout as much as your body can per day and 2-3 times per week.

      For full tutorial see the post Most effective abs workouts you can do at home.


      All the four workout is for upper body but what about lower body so,This is the workout which is going to target your lower body. This workout is easy and effective workout for all muscels of your lower body like thies,legs,booty etc.

        • just grab your dumbbell with your both hand vertically like in image now go down.
        • Go down like you are going to sit but don’t sit properly now come back again and stand staright.
        • Repeat this process 30 times per day and 5-6 days per week.

        Some tips….

        • Don’t workout daily give your body rest atleast 1-2days in a week.
        • Follow all the workout 5-6 days per week but remember that don’t do chest and abs workout both a same day. If you are doing chest then do abs at other day.
        • The repeat process (like- 20-30 times) which is given here is for beginners you can increase it.
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