15 Best Green Shirt Matching Pants Ideas | Green Shirt Outfit Men.

Hello!! What’s up reader, here comes the new article on the tiptopgents blog. If you’re an old reader of tiptopgents you know that I’m running a series of outfit color combinations.

Green shirt matching pants ideas

In this series, I’m showing you the best color combination that you can make with your outfit stuff and be a stylish man.

Today I’m adding another article to this series I’ll be talking about green shirt outfit combinations ideas for men, and the best types and colors of pants that you can wear with a green shirt.

You know that some shades of the green color shirt are getting too much exposure nowadays and we all wanted to try this color and have at least one piece in our wardrobe.

But just buying any green shirt and having it in your wardrobe would not be enough, you should know what shade of green color shirt will look good on you and what type of color you can pair with that shade of green shirt.

Today’s article will answer both questions, by this article I’ll show you the best green shirt outfit combinations, the best green shirt matching pant ideas, and the best shades of the green shirt that you should try.

So, without wasting more ‘O’ clocks let’s start this greeny article –


Green Shirt Matching Pants ideas

Green Shirt with Grey Pants

Grey colour will look good perfect on almost all shades of green color shirts. There are four various shades of grey colour pants that you can try with a green shirt.

Steel grey, light grey, dark grey these shades of grey color trousers can be easily paired up with green shirts.

Green Shirt with Beige/Khaki/Cream

Next shade of pants you can try is beige color. Different shades of beige color pants like; khaki, cream, and light beige can go easily with green color shirts.

A dark green shirt with any of these four shades of beige color will look perfect on you.

Green Shirt With White Pants

Next green shirt combination pant is, white. If you have white trousers or jeans in your wardrobe then it can be paired up with your green shirt.

Green Shirt With Navy Blue Pants

Navy blue is another option that you can pir up with a green shirt, almost evey shades of green shirt can be paired up with navy blue trousers or chinos.

Green Shirt With Black Pants

Next, the most popular color which can be paired up with any colour it is the favorite of many the black color.

When black can be paired up with every color so go for it along with your green color shirt.

Green Shirt with Blue Jeans

The next and last type of pants that you can wear with a green shirt is blue jeans.

It is not that popular to wear with green, but if you haven’t any other option available, you can go for blue jeans along with your green color shirt.


I hope after seeing these 12 options and their images now it would be clear to you how you can pair your green shirt with various pants and make a cool green shirt outfit.

These images have given you ideas of which shade of green you should go for, too.

Olive green, light green, and teal green are the most popular shades of green colors that you should try.

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