A Guide to Men’s Formal Accessories | Suit Accessories List.

Formal means perfect, suits mean something that suits you and it will suit you perfectly if you would carry it on point. 

Usually, when we go for a suit we just go for readymade or bespoke three pieces or two pieces suits and nothing else. 

If you care a little you would go with one or two or sometimes three accessories with your suits and you think that’s it you are on point, but that is not it. 

It is okay if it is a normal occasion but if it is an occasion where formal is required, then you have to carry your formals in a genuine formal way. 

Genuine way means wear a well fit outfit along with all those essential accessories. 

Accessories are something that not just enhance your attire’s look as well as it helps to feel make comfortable and confident, too. 

So, that’s why you should utterly read this article in which I’ll tell you about the various men’s formal accessories and provide you with every guide related to these accessories. 

Dress Watch

Dress Watch
The first and basic accessories that are complementary with any type of formal wear. 
This is one of those accessories that you might go with and don’t forget to carry, but is it enough? 
The watch you are wearing, is it perfect to go with the outfit? Not sure!! Here are some points to be noted
  • Your dress watch should not be huge than the wearer’s wrist, otherwise, it will catch others attention only itself (You know what I mean). 
  • Your watch should that thin that it can be easily slipped out from your shirt’s cuff, you don’t want to get stuck with it. 
  • Always go for those watches which have leather strap bands it makes you look more classy and elegant. 
  • Try to match your strap colour with your shoes and belt. 
These are the highlighted points, if you want a detailed view then go for this article.


Another common and basic suit’s accessory that almost every guy knows about. 
But, I would suggest that you should think twice before wearing a tie with your suit and formal outfit, it should be perfect for your suit otherwise it will ruin your suit’s elegance. 
Some points that might help you, is-


  • Go in a darker colour tie than your suit’s shirt colour. 
  • If you are going for a patterned tie make sure it shouldn’t have more than two colours, otherwise it will be hard for you to match with your suit and shirts.
  • If your shirts have patterns preferably go with a plain tie. 


  • If you are wearing a skinny fit, thin lapel single-breasted suit then go with a skinny tie. 
  • If you are wearing a normal fit, double-breasted suit then go with a bit wider tie. 

Pocket square

Pocket square
Next in the list is a pocket square it is that third accessory that we sometimes carry with our suit and sometimes not. 
  • Your pocket square colour should be distinctive from than rest of your outfit stuff (like; shirt, suit and trousers), so it will make a nice contrast. 
  • Many people say that do not go for the same pattern, colour and design pocket square as your tie, but I consider sometimes it works, if you want you can go for it. Or, 
  • The best way of getting a perfect matching pocket square is to go for a multicolour pocket square and make sure it has one colour which will exactly match your tie’s colour. 
And, for a detailed guide on the pocket square, I found this article most useful – 

Tie Clip or Tie Bar 

The basic accessory’s time is over remaining accessories of this list is something that you don’t consider often, like this tie clip. 
It is the accessory that we neglect and don’t give a damn about it, but this is the real game-changer. 
In starting para of this article when I had said that accessories provide you comfort, I was talking about this accessory. 
If you wear a suit with a tie and without a tie clip or tie bar, you always have to adjust your tie to keep it in place for getting a clean look. Sometimes your tie has bad timing it misbehaves in a very serious situation, for avoiding these problems this tie clip comes in. 
  • Apply a tie clip between the 3rd or 4th button of your shirt. 
  • Your tie bar should not be longer nor shorter than your tie width in between would be perfect. 
  • Don’t just include both parts of your tie always include your shirt with it. 
  • Wear your tie bar occasionally where you want a clean dapper look, like; formal events and parties.
  • Don’t wear a tie bar if you are wearing a vest because the work of keeping your tie in place is now being done by your vest so there is no point attaching a tie bar, then. 

Cuff links

Cuff links
Next men’s formal accessory is an accessory for standing out as a classy gentleman. It is used to wear with tuxedos and get easily fastened with tuxedo shirts
But if you are going to any special occasion where you wanted to stand out then you can carry it with your suit and any shirt having requisite holes. 
Cuff links are an alternative to shirts cuff buttons, it is considerable in luxury parties and event that’s why I’ve added them to this list. 

Suspenders or belt

Suspenders or belts, you guys were thinking that why I’ve added these two different accessories in one heading, it is because these two are not different accessories they are the same. 
The basic work of a belt is to hold your pant in its position and the same thing your suspenders so that’s why both are the same, just another form of themselves. 
The second reason why I merge in one heading is because you don’t forget that you can go with only once at a time. 
  • I’ve seen many men wearing belts and suspenders both at the same time, don’t do this. 
  • If you’re wearing suspenders then forget about belts vice-versa if you’re wearing belts then don’t wear suspenders. 
  • Match your belt colour with your watches and shoes. 
Suspenders detailed guide here

Brooch or lapel pin 

Brooch or lapel pin
Another accessories for enhancing your suit look and making you look more dressy is a brooch or a lapel pin. 
Lapel pins are something that has to attach to the lapel of your suit, they are metallic or flowers. 
Brooch is something that you can attach various places in your suit like; on lapel, chest or on your vests. 

Smile & confidence

Last but not the least, the most essential accessory of this while listing a smile and your confidence or you can say a confident smile.
Not just for a formal outfit, it is essential for every outfit you wear.

The secret if enhancing your look in every dress is, always wear a smile with it. 

A Guide to Men's Formal Accessories

A man’s best accessory that he should never forget to wear is his self confidence. 

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These were the accessories which are specifically for men’s formal wear dress, specifically suits.
I know you can’t wear every accessory at the same time and You shouldn’t!!
Carry these accessories according to occasions demands and I know you’re that much smart to figure out what any occasion demands. 
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