How To Wear A Blanket Scarf Male? | 5 Different Ways To Carry It.

A blanket scarf is the best outfit stuff that can save you from severe cold weather you can use it in various ways of saving yourself from the cold season. 

But many men find it ridiculous carrying that big and clumsy item because they think that it makes their style level down and ruin their outfit. 

For men who think carrying a blanket scarf is essential but they found it ugly when they carry it, this post is just for them. 

In this post, I’m going to tell how men can wear an essential winter outfit stuff called blanket scarf, stylishly and save themselves from severe cold too.


A blanket scarf is an oversized type of scarf which can help you to save yourself from severe cold weather in various ways. And make you look a stylish guy too if you carry it perfectly.

Different ways to wear it

One full-wrap

A man in skyblue colour blanket scarf
The first way of carrying a blanket scarf is full wrap style.
  • In this way of wearing a blanket scarf first, you have to fold the scarf by twisting it along with its length.
  • Then just hang it on your neck and shoulders and wrap your blanket scarf around your neck.
  • Let both ends of your blanket scarf get in front of your body and make sure it is not too tight on your neck.


A man wearing a blanket scarf perfectly.
The second way of styling blanket scarf for men is half-wrap style it is the smaller version of that first one. 
  • Just grab your blanket scarf and try to reduce its width size by folding it nicely along with its length. 
  • Now hang it on your shoulder and make one end small than the other. 
  • Take that long end and half wrap it around your neck and leave it on your body’s backside. 
  • Adjust its length and tightness, that’s it.

Hang it on neck-shoulders.

The third way of wearing a blanket scarf is just by hanging it on your shoulders it is the easy way to carry your long and oversized blanket scarf. 
  • Just grab your blanket scarf and try to reduce its width size by folding it nicely along with its length. 
  • Now hang it on your shoulder and make both the side similar in front of your body by adjusting it, that’s it. 

Hang and hide it under a jacket

A men hide his scarf under coat.
If your blanket scarf is in a medium-size or you are wearing a long coat then you can hide your blanket scarf under your coat, this makes a new and fourth way of carrying your blanket scarf. 

Make a knit

A male carrying blanket scarf with knot style.
The 5th and last way of carrying a blanket scarf by making a knot with it. This type of style can not go with that oversized blanket scarf you can use this style with your medium size blanket scarf.
  • Just let your blanket scarf hang on your shoulder while both ends are on your front body.
  • Now grab those both end and make a knot with them.
  • Make sure the knot does not get too tight or too loose and adjust its length, that’s it.


So these were 5 different ways by which you can carry your ugly looking blanket scarf stylishly. Now you wouldn’t say that carrying a scarf is ridiculous now you’ll take it as stylish outfit stuff that helps to enhance your style level and help to keep you warm too. 
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