How To Write An Instagram Bio? | 3 Simple Steps.

This article is for all the social media lovers and Instagram devotees, I have come up with a mind-blowing guide here which is essential and cool too.

You would get what I’m talking about by reading the heading of the post, yes this post will about some social media stuff called bio. I’ll talk about bio special reference to Instagram’s bio.

This post will be sounding something weird and new to you guys yes it is but in today’s era of social media it was essential to talk about this one.

Many of you think that Instagram bio is not so big a deal why am I writing a whole post for it, let me tell you, it is.

Your Instagram bio is similar to your outfit, how? Like your outfit represents yourself in real life to the people same goes with your bio it represents yourself in social media life.

If you wear a classy outfit according to occasion it leaves a positive first impression to the people, 

The same goes with your Instagram bio if your Instagram bio is eye-catching then it will leave a positive first impression on the people of Instagram.

I hope now you get that insta bio is a big deal you should also have a great and eye-catching Instagram bio whether it is your personal profile or business profile.

So, how do you get or write an eye-catching and remarkable Instagram bio for your isn’t a profile, that’s what this post is going to guide you in just 3 simple steps-

Step-1; Make it creative

For getting an eye-catching bio for your profile you have to make it creative that could attract the viewer’s attention. 

For doing so, you should keep your insta bio a bit Distinguish and decorative, 

Here are some ideas for doing so-

Use of fonts

Instead of normal Instagram text font Use a stylish font style in your bio for making it attractive. 

But don’t use more than 2 font style in your bio otherwise it will make your bio look weird and ugly. 

Use of the text font where it looks necessary and makes sense. 

Here is a site where you can change your normal text font in stylish fonts-

Bold text Generator 

Use Synonyms words

The second thing that can make your bio attractive is using Synonyms words. 

Rather than using simple English word use Synonyms of those words which will provide your bio attention. 

It means use Sophisticated and unique words rather than simple words by using the Synonyms of that simple word. 

Take example as- 

If you have to write about what you love and you have to write there, OUTFIT then rather than using the simple word OUTFIT you can use Synonyms of that word like; ATTIRE or APPAREL. 


You cam use emoji too for making your bio creative. 

Step-2 Keep it Short

The very first step that you have to be careful and keep in mind is that you have to keep your bio short.

We all know on Instagram there is a limit of characters you can not write more than that limited characters in your bio.

So, always keep in mind that you don’t have to explain anything in detail just try to indicate it in as few words as you can.

Here is the trick to keeping your Insta bio short-

By Using emoji

Emoji is the best hack that will help to keep your bio short.

Use emoji in place of different words, I’m saying to use emoji but use it where it makes sense and not look ugly. 

By using One-word substitution 

Use one-word substitution trick to explain about yourself in your bio. Whatever you wanted to say try to give just one word for it, if you do not get what I’m trying to say you will get to know about it later, In this post. 

Step-3; What to write?

The 2 steps above is just about how to write Now step 3 is all about what to write in your Instagram bio – 

A) Choose category 

If you have switched your profile to the public and if your account is creator account then the very first thing that you have to do is choosing a category. 
You can choose, Gamer, photographer, musician and etc. according to your relevancy in which you are good or that category which you like to do, like your passion. Never choose fake category otherwise people will take your profile as a fake profile too. 

B) Location

After choosing category it is time to start writing your main bio, and on the very first line of your Instagram Bio you should tell about your location. 
You can do it by using any greeting word in local language of your country or you can keep it a bit more short just by using an emoji of your country’s flag. 

C 1) If it is your personal profile – 

Instagram Bio ideas.
If you wanted to write a bio for your own profile, which is your personal profile then these things you should write in your bio-

Your hobby/ what you love

In the second line you should tell about what you love to do in your real life like your hobby, or something you really love like; nature, gym, your guitar or cool attire. 
Here you don’t have to put your work just put something related to your passion. 
Like if you do blogging on fashion topic then you can write you love your ATTIRE like in above pic. 
Put 2-3 words of those things you love in first line. 

Your character 

In the third line you have to tell people abiut your real character are you a peace lover or very talkative. If you are kind of funny guy then you can add humorous, Something like that. 

Your work or passion

In third line of your Instagram bio you have to tell people what you do or what is your dream you that wanted to be, you can add your main passion here, too. 


After writing those three line at last you have to describe more about your work in fourth line in the remaining characters. 

C 2) If it is your Business profile – 

Instagram Bio ideas.
If it is an Instagram id in which you do not post about yourself rather you post other contents something that help other people. 
In this type of instagram profile you can’t talk just about yourself you should put different things in this id-
In this type of insta id you should just put what type of contents you provide in easy words that people can understand quickly. 
You should provide your personal id in the bio. 
And Contact for collaboration because if anyone want to collaborate with you they can easily get to you. 

D) Link

At last if you have any important link, like; if you have any youtube channel, blog or any other important link you can add it here. You can add your other social media account link here, too. 
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