Signs You Are Good Looking Guy. | Based on Guys And Girls Behaviours.

Do you know that you are much good looking than you might think about yourself?

The main motive why I’m writing this post is just I wanted to boost your confidence.

It is a common thing, when you know that today you’re looking good then it automatically boosts your confidence and it enables you to perform your other work confidently.

See guys from inner ourselves we all are good looking to us. But when you get noticed by others that you are good looking or get complimented by others on your looks then it is the main thing which boosts our confidence.

But what happens that there are very few people or you can say no one will tell you that you are a good looking guy or you are looking good, today (especially when you are stranger to everyone).

So when nobody is going to tell you that you are a good looking guy and you have got an attractive look then how would you know that? 

That’s what this article will hint you, this article will tell some common guys and girls behaviour towards an attractive or good looking guy.

If these type of behaviour you have noticed towards you by different girls and guys then congrats!! you are a good looking guy.

So let’s see what are those behaviour-

Girls behaviour towards good looking guy-

Two girls talking with a guy.
  • Some girls will stare at you if they find you attractive but when you see them then they might move their eyes from you. 
  • They will try eyeing on you after every few seconds while they are doing anything or try to pretend that they are busy in something but they are just checking you out. 
  • If a Girl is afraid to start a conversation with you but that same girl can talk any other guy smoothly then it is the effect of your good looks. 
  • If a girl talk with you normally but when other guys talk to him get angry again it is the effect of your good looks. 
  • Some girls will get much impressed by your looks and they keep eye contacting you, continuously. They will just want to be around you and talk to you. 
  • Some average looking girls maybe ignore you because they know that you are out of her reach or any other reason, so never mind that when a girl ignores you. 

Guys behaviour towards good looking guy-

See guys there are two types of guys they have different behaviour towards a good looking guy-

One who appreciate good looks in other guys-

These type of guys do not get jealous by a good looking guy they know they are an average looking guy they have accepted it and wanted to improve it too.

  • When they see a good looking guy they will just see him with the eyes saying like; that how good looking he is!! And then they try to talk to him and be a friend because they wanted to learn from them and be like them. 

One who got jealous of other good looking guys-

Four guys talking and chilling.

One the other hand, these type of guy thought that they are the most good looking guy they are egoistic type guys. 

  • When they see someone good looking than them they got jealous from him they will see that guy with green eyes.
  • They don’t want to talk to that guy they just wanted to showcase praise ownself in front of him.
  • If they talk to that good looking guy they will just focus on two things-
  • 1st they will just try to praise ownself or, 
  • 2nd they will try to insult that guy by anyway.
  • These type of guys will try to ignore you on that day when you dressed well and looking good. 
  • Any day, If there is any minor flaw they find in you (like in your dress or hairstyle etc.) they will just taunt you by remembering you about that flaw and try to down your confidence. 

Conclusion – 

The Behaviours that are described above is the guys and girls behaviour towards Good looking guy. 

I just wanted to clarify here one thing that these behaviours not going to happen all the time there are exceptions, too. 

Might be that guys and girls have some personal problem that they can change there behaviour towards you. 

Don’t just predict that you are not a good looking guy just by one day or in an event. You have to remember your past 1 or 2 years life and relate these behaviours if it happened with you or not. 

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