How to talk to your crush for the first time. | Unique tips for shy guys.

Unprecedented tips for guys that will help them to talk to their crush and impress her in their first conversation.
A guy staring on a girl
A guy staring on a girl
Suppose you are a college student, you are a good looking guy. You know a pretty girl in your college. You have a crush on her, you get a beautiful vibe when you see her. You start following her and staring at her.
After that, she also realizes that you are after her and she starts eyeing you back now when you stare at her. Now your both’s eyes are friends of one another and everything is so beautiful to you.
You are stuck on just staring at her you are afraid to go and talk to her, because of your shyness. After some days you find that girl with some other average looking guy!! what? no, why does this only happen to me? Am I this much ugly?
No this, not the reason, the girl you have a crush on, find that you are just stuck on that eye contact and you are just staring her you are not taking a step ahead of go and talk to her, that was the reason you lost her.
You are not so ugly and the guy is not so handsome, it is just the difference of confidence. You are good looking but you are shy and he is average looking but he has confidence and idea how to talk
to a girl for the first time.
The same incident happen with you when you are in a social function, you find a beautiful girl you just stuck on staring on her because of that shyness and boom!! the function is over and you are going to lost that pretty girl coz you don’t know when you are gonna meet her again.
Many incidents like these happen with us, we lost our dream girl/our crush who could become our gf, just because we do not have an idea and we feel shy to talk to our crush for the first time.
If you want that these incidents do not happen to you anymore, then you have the only option that is, throw your shyness out, and talk to your crush confidently. HOW? leave it on me.

Take it as a ‘now or never’ situation

Now or never, go and talk to her leave your shyness behind. Don’t worry about what she will think about what others will think, because it doesn’t matter. The thing that matters is, that you will gonna lose her if you do not go and talk to her.
If you are afraid of, that you will lose her if you go and talk to her in a terrible way then throw this thinking out because you are already gonna lose her if you decided not to talk to her. On the other hand, if you go and talk to her there’s a chance that maybe she will get impressed by you.
In any circumstances talking to her is the best option for getting one step closure and making your crush, your gf. Say to yourself that ‘now or never’ I will talk to her and I could handle whatever will happen after that.

Try to look your best.

A man adjusting his tie.
A man adjusting his tie.
After when you decided to talk to her by hook or crook the first thing is that you don’t lose your confidence in front of her, and your confidence depends on how you are looking, so much.
That’s why wearing the best outfit from your wardrobe is always the best way to boost your confidence do not wear any outfit item, in which you don’t feel confident. Otherwise, all your attention will be on that item.
You will have to wear every outfit item in a proper way like tiptopgents wear, your outfit should clean. If you are in a social function, you are already well dressed you should just set your hair and clothes by yourself a bit before going in front of her to talk.

Start a conversation with her on the relevant situation

If you are going to talk to your crush for the first time then it is a very important point that you will have to keep in your mind, talk to her on a relevant time and place where you and she feel comfortable.
Talk to her if she is standing or sitting alone or chilling with her friends. Do not talk to her when she is busy or she is with their relatives otherwise she will feel awkward maybe she will reply negatively at that time to you.


Start with complimenting her

A guy complimenting a lady.
A guy complimenting a lady.
After getting ready for a talk now it is time to start your conversation and how will you do that? Start with simple hey!! Or hi!! It is always the best conversation starter.
After that the first thing that, you should compliment her on anything that is looking good on her, I mean who doesn’t like a decent compliment especially in girls. When you are complimenting her keep in mind that you should be real and decent.
Try to start with like,

“hey!! I was staring a fashionista girl for a while who is wearing a gorgeous earrings, seriously Your earrings are looking so gorgeous that I can’t resist myself to come and tell it to you”.

 Something like that, it depends on your intelligence and circumstances how you start your conversation.
Here are the best pick-up lines situation wise which might help you.
If you can’t start with complimenting her then You can talk some syllabus related quest if she is your classmate, you can ask about that event which is going to be held in your college if she is your college-mate or you can start with talking about that function where you both are meet.

Take her as a normal friend

Guy is talking to a girl, drinking coffee.
The guy is talking to a girl, drinking coffee.
Talk to her like you talk with your normal friend. You don’t need to be so fake while you talking to your crush, be yourself, otherwise she will realize that you are faking out.
Talk to her as a normal friend but it doesn’t mean that you go so much frank with her on just first meet and start using an abusive words like we all use when we are with our friends.
If she seems bored, try to spice up the conversation with an activity you can do both like playing online Solitaire.

Get her attention in between conversation

A girl is staring a guy.
A girl is staring a guy.
Try to catch her attention towards you in between conversation, flirt with her in a decent way it will show her that you are after her.
Make proper eye contact with her and take the help of some flirt these all will help you to get her attention, and she will get attracted to you.

Talk to her interest

Do not start telling her just about yourself, never talk just about your interest on the first convo with your crush. Girls love to talk about herself so let her be.
Talk about the topic in which her interest, do not start telling her a boring story in your conversation talk about her hobby, her favorites, and everything she loves to do.

Show your intelligence

A girl and a guy are laughing.
A girl and a guy are laughing.
I said on upper tips that be yourself it is necessary but it doesn’t mean that you can’t explore and show her the best of yourself. Mean to say, show her intelligence to her.
If you are good at humor don’t hesitate to crack jokes in front of her, girls love humorous guys. If you are good at language show her your language power, show her any skill you are good at. It will help you to get her attention towards you.

End with asking her for a coffee

If you made your crush just sometime before and she will gonna leave in some time and you don’t know much about her, then you should try to ask her for a coffee when you are ending your convo.
Just ask her politely,

“Thank you so much for ‘listening’…if I haven’t scared you off I’d love to meet for coffee and continue our conversation.”

Or, just try to get her info by saying,
 “You are fun to talk to…I hope we can do it again sometime.”

Take her phone number

A guy taking a girl's phone no.
A guy taking a girl’s phone no.
In the same situation I described above or if you are someone who finds that your crush is also attracted to you like you ate attracted to her then, it is never a bad idea to ask for her phone number on the first conversation.
Try and use your brain to get her number or you can directly ask for her number at the end of your convo if you both have a great conversation she will never refuse.

End with just normal words

But if you both are college students or you meet her every day, and if your conversation is not so good or long then you can skip those asking for coffee and asking for phone number steps.
You can just end your conversation with simple words and in a decent way like;
“It’s been nice talking to you”
“Thanks so much, I’ve enjoyed our conversation…” or the flirty one
“Please don’t take this the wrong way, but that was the most pleasant conversation I’ve had in a while.”
“We will catch up soon”
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This is the game of confidence, you guys have to realize that. You are not ugly nor you are unfortunate just you are shy. That is only reason why you are single and your friend has 2 or 3 girlfriends.
Just try to throw your shyness out of your body and improve your self-confidence, talk to your crush for the first is not like fighting tooth and nail, it is an easy and normal thing to do.
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