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Whenever you buy cool outfit stuff then the first thing you thought about is how you will wear it like; how you make a whole outfit with it, which of your other outfit stuff will look cool with that new one.

If you’re a guy who takes fashion seriously and loves to dress correctly then you would have thought like this.

And when it comes to those colours which you haven’t tried before then making a combo will not be easy for you.

But when we see an article telling about any outfit which you have created in our mind and you have that combo in your wardrobe then it gives you a boost that you can wear it and it will look good on you.

If you have bought a white shirt or thinking of buying a white shirt then this article will do the same for you, it will show you which type and colour of pants you can pair with your white shirt, and how?

Here are various pants colour and types combinations that you can match with your white shirts, so let’s see what they are –

White shirts with trousers

White shirts with trousers
You can wear a tapered ankle length trouser with your white shirt, if you want casual look pair it with sneakers and keep your shirts tucked out. And if you want formal look just wear a dressy loafer or boot.

White shirts with jeans

White shirts with jeans

Another type of pants you can style with your white shirts, it will give you a street style casual look. Best to wear for going out on casual places.

White shirts with chinos

There are other type of pants you can wear with your white shirts like; chinos and joggers these two pants will also look great and make you feel comfortable and stylish.

White shirts Matching pants colours –

Pants combo ideas to wear with white shirts. Best colour pants to wear with white shirts.

White with dark blue

White with dark blue

White with dark grey

White with dark grey

White shirt with dark grey

White with dolphin/light grey

White with dolphin/light grey

White shirt with light grey

White with rusty orange

White with beige

White with beige

White shirt with beige pants

White with black

White with black White shirts Matching pants colours

White shirt with black pant

White shirt with Green Shades

White shirts with green trousers.

White shirt with Green

White shirt with Green

White shirt matching pants

White with Coffee brown

White shirts with coffee brown trousers.

White shirt with coffee brown trousers

White with Light Blue

White shirts with sky blue trousers.

White shirt with teal colour pants

White on white

White Shirt with Red

White shirt with red pants

White shirt with Pink

White shirt with pink trousers

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