Men’s Preppy Style Dressing; Intro, Styling Guide And Outfit Ideas.

Are you a Young age guy and love to style yourself better and distinct? if yes!! Then attach with this article like a magnet attach with iron, wanna know why?

Because this article is going to introduce you all something exciting and new about men’s dressing style.

See guys, being a young age guy you have to go to college, different parties and several other occasions and you wanted to present yourself as a very stylish & cool guy there.

Problem is that commonly we know about just 2 types of dressing style according to which we dress ourself for these occasions. First is a casual style and the second is formal style.

In which almost every guy is going to dress themselves and you are going to lost between them because your style is as same as those guys. 

If you wanted to dress distinct than others then you would have to go beyond these casual or formal styles. 

Have a different dressing style that will make you a swanky guy in your college and other places. That’s where a new dressing style comes in referred as, A PREPPY STYLE DRESSING.

The young age guys like who are in college (graduating or post graduating) should know about this dressing style.

They should also know how to pull off this dressing style flawlessly if they wanted to be stand out between there collegemates as a coolest & stylish guy.

So, that is what this article is made for. It will teach you what is preppy style dressing and how to nail preppy style dressing perfectly-

What is preppy style dressing? 

A dressing style that is nonchalant about some basic dressing rules, wearing a dress without caring about basic rules of dressing (like; in colour matching and layering).

This style doesn’t follow some dressing rules but it does mean you wear whatever you want, you have to a bit dressy too.

A preppy dressing is not just an outfit it is a whole new style of presenting yourself distinctly (dress wise). 

Hacks for adopting the preppy style. 

1. Forget about rules

The first rule, there is no rules forget about rules that you had followed yet. If you are adopting preppy style then you have to be a bit Nonchalant about some dressing rules which we learned in our young age. 

Be free, dress free no rules just be dressy and showcase your extraordinary dressing sense that is what preppy style is all about. 

2. Try to look young 

As I said above, preppy style is something in which you have to break some basic dressing rule, here is the first one we are going to break for preppy style. 

The rule which we all men know about dressing which is “Dress to look mature” (choose mature masculine colours and designs). No doubt, it is a best and first rule that I would also suggest for you. 

But in the preppy style, you have to forget this rule of dressing, for being a preppy man you have to follow a new or opposite rule which is trying to look younger. 

If you are going to adopt preppy style then forget that rule of looking mature and try to look younger. 

3. Go beyond masculine colour. 

Next hack, a bit related to 2nd hack. It is about choosing the colour for your preppy style outfit stuff. 

We all feel comfortable wearing those masculine colour, I’m using term masculine colour here for those colours which men preferred most often (like; black, white, blue, grey and brown). 

You should have to go beyond these colours and try some new colours like; green, red, orange, yellow, etc. 

Use these colours along with those masculine colours in your outfit that make sense do not just wear it like you are a character of any cartoon series. 

Do not worry you will get an idea of how to add these colours in your outfit in this article below in outfit ideas. 

4. Layering

Next hack is, how to layer different outfits in preppy style? Here is all rule of layering is a bit similar to common dressing style but one thing is different than add at least one stuff in contrasting colour in your outfit. 

Like if you are going to layer a shirt, a sweater and jacket along with chinos and if your chinos and jackets are in similar colour then wear a contrasting colour sweater.

Similarly, if your sweater and pants are matching colour then go for a contrasting colour jacket and if your sweater and jacket colours are the same then go for contrasting colour pants. 

5. Add extra stuff

The last hack for adopting preppy style perfectly for men is, add extra stuff. You can call this extra stuff like accessories, too. 

Wearing extra outfit stuff with your casual wear gives it a preppy style look. You should carry extra stuff when you are pulling off preppy style. 

It could be anything like;






What to wear in preppy style-

As I say above preppy style is not an outfit that you can make and get ready, it is a whole new type of style that’s why it needed different wardrobe, a wardrobe which prefer preppy style outfit stuff, let see what are those essentials that are needed for setting up preppy style wardrobe men-

Dark blue jeans

Dark blue jeans in preppy style men.

Dark blue jeans is that first essential thing that you should have in your wardrobe if you are going to have a preppy style.

Dark blue jeans are very versatile they can go with almost any type and colour of upper wear and it gives you that smart casual style which you needed in preppy styling.


Chinos for men's peppy style.

Next type of pants that convert a casual style into a preppy style is chinos, chinos are best if you are new in preppy style.

There are varieties of colours in chinos Go for a different colour in chinos, and the best thing about chinos that whichever colour chinos you will wear you’ll not gonna look weird.

There are lots of colours in chinos you style wear while dressing in preppy style, some best chinos colours are; 

burgundy, olive green, beige, orange, red and yellow etc.

Crew neck sweaters

Wearing preppy style dress in fall or winters then this 3rd stuff is going to be very essential for your preppy style wardrobe it is crew neck sweaters.

You can go for crew neck knit sweaters as well as normal crew neck sweaters too.

Pair your crewneck sweater over a shirt for the fall season and for winters you can add a jacket over it.


If you wanted to know what type of t-shirt can go with preppy style then-

Polo t-shirts 

Henley t-shirts

Crewneck or V-neck t-shirts

These all can go with preppy style just make sure it should be in either single colour or solid patterns ( Don’t go for large Banner or some cartoon pattern)

Check shirts

Next essential item for preppy style is a check shirt. If you wanted to wear a shirt having a preppy style then there is nothing better than a check shirt.

You can wear check shirts in any season for summers pair it with that dark blue jeans or chinos and for winters wear it under jackets and/or sweaters.

A check shirt gives perfect preppy look when you add it in your outfit.

Scarf & tie

Scarf amd tie for preppy style men.

Extra stuff but essential too, a scarf and tie. You can go for a colourful scarf and colourful patterned tie. It will give your preppy style a contrasting look.

Preppy Jackets

The last essential thing in the preppy style wardrobe list a preppy jackets.

They are not those normal jackets like; normal leather jackets, denim jackets and bomber jackets.

These are specially made for preppy styling different companies build preppy style budget from.

You should have at least one preppy jacket in your wardrobe, you can choose your company which design preppy style jackets according to your budget to buy it.

Preppy Style Outfit Ideas, men.

Image source 👇 => @dr.exeler69
Preppy Style Outfit Ideas, men.
Preppy Style Outfit Ideas, men.
Preppy Style Outfit Ideas, men.
Image source👇 => @modestmanstyle
Preppy Style Outfit Ideas, men.
Preppy Style Outfit Ideas, men
Preppy Style Outfit Ideas, men.
Preppy Style Outfit Ideas, men.
Men's Preppy Style Dressing ideas.
Men's Preppy Style Dressing ideas.


So that’s all, if you read the whole article and reading that conclusion heading now then congratulate you become a specialist of preppy style, just remember all this point and apply carefully cheers!!

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