Steps To Add Volume In Men’s Hair – Uncostly Way

Steps To Add Volume In Men's Hair

You see some good hairstyles pic on the internet, you see models hairstyle, you see actors hairstyle, anyone who has cool hairs(mostly; medium length) one thing in common they all have volume in their hairs. 

Volume in men’s hair makes them look cool and attractive especially if they have medium length hairstyle. Very short or long hair length doesn’t require volume that much, but in medium length men’s hairs, the volume is essential. 

Most guys have medium length hair and hairstyle. If you are someone who loves to have medium length hairstyle or wanted to have a medium length then believe me or not volume in your hair is extensively crucial for an attractive look.

Many of us want that volume in our hairs as we see of those men models. But we think that it takes high budget hair products and equipment to get that volume, yes they use.

But here is good news for you, you can add volume too in your hair using limited & harmless hair products. That’s what this article will guide you it will show you all those steps by which you can add volume in your hair without damaging your hairs-

Get A Good Haircut

You can’t get volume in scattered and rough hair. A balanced hair with a good cut is the first important thing that helps you to get volume in your hair. 

Imagine anyone who have rough and scattered hair with volume, hardly anyone, but a scattered and rough hair with volume or without never gonna look cool and fascinating. 

You need a good haircut for getting your hair ready for some volume. If you have scattered and un-balanced hair it is hard to get volume in that type of hair whereas if you have a good haircut it is best for adding volume in it. 

Shampoo Your Hair

Best way to apply shampoo and conditioner in hairs.

The first step is to shampooing your hair, applying shampoo in your hair is a very essential step it removes the dust and dandruff from your hair and makes it shinier. 

Apply hair shampoo-

  • Use, shampoo that provides thickness & strength if your hair is thin. 
  • Use, shine providing shampoo if your hair is thick. 
  • You can see on their label which type of shampoo is your type. 
  • Do not shampoo your hair more than 2 times in weeks, if very important you can extend it to 3 times but not more than that. 
  • Using shampoo excessively can male your hair damage. 

Apply Conditioner

Conditioning your hair is the second essential thing and the best & harmless hair product which you can use as conditioner is conditioner. It conditions your hair, perfectly. 

  • Use conditioner only when you shampoo your hair. 
  • Apply conditioner just after shampooing your hair. 
  • Use the same brand conditioner which you are using your shampoo. 
  • Apply conditioner in your hand and rub it gently on your hair. 
  • Run your finger all over the head and let your conditioner reach to the scalp. 

Oiling Your Hair

A man with short and curly hairs.

Conditioner and shampoo are those products which you can apply only 2 or 3 days in a week, but what about rest of the days, how you provide conditioning to your hair and how can you get that volume which you wanted for your hair? 

Then one hair product which is harmless and best for your hair is hair oil. Use good quality hair oil for your hairs. 

Use Coconut, almond hair oil it makes your hair strong. 

Use non-sticky hair oil, otherwise, you will look oily, ‘champo’ person. 

Best way to apply hair oil for getting volume and reducing stickiness from hair is-

  • Apply hair oil just 20-30 minutes before you go for a shower. 
  • Apply a small amount of hair oil (depends on your hair) take it on your palm. 
  • Move your palm all over the head and let it go to your scalp by using your fingers. 
  • After applying hair oil let it condition your hair for 20-30 minutes. 
  • Now, go and take a shower and wash your hair by shampoo if it is shampoo day or just by water on other days. 

This technique will provide conditioning to your hair by the help of hair oil without being sticky hairs. When you wash your hair with shampoo or just by water excess of oil get slip out and thus your hair gets ready for getting volume. 

Because you can’t get volume in your hair if your hair is sticky and heavy. 

Drying Your Hair-

After showering by the method which described above the next thing is to dry your hair, first, take your towel and rub it gently on your hair for removing water from it, I know some water remains after drying it with a towel. 

Now, These were steps for getting your hair ready for volumizing, now let’s see guys how to add volume in your hair-

One who has a blow dryer-

If you are a guy who has a blow dryer either it is your personal or your sister’s or mother’s then you are fortunate, because it is the best equipment for getting volume in your hairs. 

  • Just after drying your hair with towel use your blow dryer when your hair has still some water. 
  • First, comb your hair opposite side than you comb usually. Now apply blow dryer to your hair, for some time till it gets almost dry from water. (use this step if you comb your hair from the side you can skip this step if you comb your hair from front to back on all over your hair like; slick back hairstyle.)
  • Now comb it in a proper way in which you style your hair. 
  • Now again blow dry your hair and this time give support to your hair with a comb for staying on the position. 
  • Now, remove your blow dryer, if you have followed every step perfectly you will surely have volume in your hair. 

One who doesn’t have blow dryer-

Not everyone is fortunate enough, I know many people are a bit unfortunate like me, why? I don’t have blow dryer lol! 

But I still add volume in my hair wanted to know how? Let me tell you – 

After dying your hair with the towel now the technique which I use is a bit strange but it works for me.

(If you comb your hair from the side) 

  • Just comb your hair opposite side than you usually comb.
  • Let you sit in front of a cooler or table fan and let it dry or you can let it dry naturally. 
  • After, it gets almost dry comb it the way you comb your hair usually, now provide it some texture with your hand and yupp!! You are ready to rock. 

(And, if you comb your hair from front to back, like; slick back hairstyle then) – 

  • Lie down straight on something (bed or table). 
  • Let upper part of your head out of the bed or table from the edge. 
  • And your hair gets hang in the air from forward to back. 
  • Let you dry your hair in that position. 
  • Now, stand up wow!! You have got some volume in your hair without using any hair instruments. 


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