Beard wax : Learn which type, how and when to apply it.

Have you done with your Beardtouring and now you find a best beard style because you know your face shape, that looks best on your face. Don’t say you are going for a long beard style, If yes. So, buddy you have to put some extra apples of knowledge in your bucket of beard styling, because you needed them,  especially when you are going to be a POGONPHILE. 
Shown a pack of beard wax.
If you are going to grow a long beard, then you have to put some extra effort for taking care of it. There are different products which was useless to you until you do not had a long beard, but they will gonna best friend of yours, now. In this list of products as a friend of yours the product I’m going to describe about here, is a BEARD WAX. 
Let us know in detail about a beard wax, how you can get maximum profit of that thing? The answer is, by using the right type, by using in right way and by using it on right time. So these are the three main points you have to care, if you wants maximum benefit from your friend whose name is Beard wax. 

What is beard wax?? 

Nothing much to define about a beard wax its name define itself. Everyone will known to hair wax it is same thing, It will do same for your beard like a hair wax do for your hairs. 
Beard wax is a product which provides holds and shine to your beard’s. 
I think that’s enough as a intro of beard wax, I’m not going too deeply because it’s not essential. The essential thing is, which beard wax you should apply, when you should apply and how to apply. So Let us digin deep about these three points, I’m going to describe briefly, let’s start without extravagance much time-

Which type of beard wax you should apply? 

A man running his finger in his beard.
The first point is which type of beard wax will best for you. I’m not going to advertise any brand here. I’m going to help you guys to get a best type of beard wax. 
There are two types of beard wax one is real beard wax and second is fake beard wax. There are countless brands which provides beard wax. But they all are either real or fake based. 

 Real beard wax

  • They have more natural ingredients and less chemical ingredients. 
  • Holding power less but last longer. 
  • Did not damage skin. 
  • Did not damage beard. 

Fake Beard wax

  • They are made up of chemical ingredients. 
  • Which harms face’s skin. 
  • There holding power is good bust they didn’t last for  longer time. 
  • They do damage beards, if apply in excess quantity. 
I think now you can choose a best beard wax for you now, if you still in confusion or don’t wanted to think much just go for a beard wax with natural ingredients, because natural things never gonna be harmful. 

When to apply your beard wax?

A man with lang beard, wearing a jacket and spects.
Beard wax is a product which can harm your skin if you use it excessively. It can affect badly on your beard also, when you over use it. That’s why you have to care when you should use it, it is not something you can use daily, it can use only on specific time. Here is some tips on when you should apply beard wax-
  • Do not use it daily, use it only when it is necessary for you to set your beard. Like when you are going in party or on a date.
  • Do not apply it just after applying beard oil, give it some time. Like, if have you applied your beard oil after bath then use your beard wax after 2-3 hours later. 

How to apply your beard wax? 

The last and very important thing, the right way of applying a beard wax. Many people make mistakes while applying it on their facial hairs, they apply it like they are applying any fairness cream. But guys you have to understand that it is not a fairness cream, you can’t apply it in the same way. It has their own way of applying on beard. 
And it is neither a hair oil that you apply it as you want and take massage with it.
It should be use in the proper way, here is full detail of using it, step by step – 
  • Take a small quantity of your beard wax on your palm. it’s quantity depends on your beard length.
  • Now rub your palm and let it emulsify on your palm. 
  • Rub it until it convert in a oily, butter form on your palm. 
  • Now apply it gently over your beard, apply it all around your beard but only upper layer. 
  • Do not take your hand inside your beard, let it not touch your face’s skin. 


For getting a best hold on your beard  the beard wax plays a lead roll and these three points were like a crew member of the roll. A roll could not even start without crew member similarly you can’t get best hold without any harm if you don’t take these three points seriously. 
Anyway, if you understand those three points now You are ready for rock in a party with a set and stylish beard. 

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