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Many Men's sweaters hanging on hangers
Sweaters are an essential menswear for winters. Almost every one used to wear it in their winter season but very rarely we think about mens sweater style. 
We wear it roughly like we are wearing it just for saving us from cold and nothing else, but we have to think that it is also a men’s wear which can raise your style game if you wear it in a classy way. 
Sweaters are something we’re wearing for 2-3 generations before. It is very essential and useful type of winter wear from those days, till now. 
We all wear it on different types of inner wears and under the different types of over wear. Like in light cold it can be wear on shirts and in severe cold it converts into a inner wear and goes under a jacket or suit. 
So, I will tell you  here the different types of sweater for mens you should must have in your wardrobe and how you can style all these sweaters in their best way of styling. 

Mens Sweater’s revoloution

It is little bit strange like I’m diving in some history types boring part, but it is not. It is not history what I’m talking about it is some essential facts you should know, if you wanted to raise your Sweater’s game. 
Like I says it has been wearing from long time with not a major changes in a men sweaters, there are several changes which takes place in revolution of sweaters. 

Changes in pattern and designs 

A crew neck men sweater with pattern
The first change in sweaters we can identify eaily is in their designs and patterns of the sweaters. 
The sweaters of 19th and 20th century was in different pattern and design which was in trend at that time, and the sweaters of our generation have different pattern and designs which is items that is currently in trending. 
So, the fact is the designs of the sweaters plays a big roll for styling a sweater the popularity of that design or pattern gives us an idea of their styling level. 

Changes in size

The second important and noticable changes brings in modern mens sweater styles compare than old sweater style is in their sizes. 
The sweaters of ancient people’s were lilbit bigger than a perfect size, reason could be that, at that time the tailors were not so active like todays. 
They used to bought a ready made sweaters from market and used to wear it without getting it fit with their body. But in today’s generations the sweaters needs to be perfect fit (except some) according to your body type that is the abstract of that topic. 
A well fit sweaters gonna make your styling level high because it is today’s generations fact. That any menswear if you wanted to show your class with that then it should be perfect fit on your body. 

Sweater’s practical applications 

Changes or you can say it an important part of styling sweater. Practical applications means uses of sweaters the when and where to wear which type of sweater.
 The least changes that takes places in sweaters is in their uses. From the 18th century till now the changes occurs in use of sweaters is also depend on that two changes I had described above. 
So, the fact is you should know well that which type of sweater you should wear on a particular occasion mean, whichever pattern, design, type, colour are their in sweaters are have their own criteria for showing off like as; you can not wear a hooded sweater on a place where formal dresses are essential. 
That’s why this post has made, I’ll describe everything on every type of sweaters here. 

Types of sweaters

So we are on the main part of this post now, I know the foreword of the post was little bit long but it was essential for you guys to know more about styling a sweater. Anyways, the main topic is on the different types of sweaters a men should own and the tips for styling these sweaters in a classy way. 
So, without wasting more time and words of this post let us dive deep in to this main body of the post. 

V-neck no pattern sweaters

A men wearing sweater pair up with tie and shirt.
The first type we are talikng about a sweater is a V-neck sweater which have a plain design on it. They don’t have pattern of their colours. They are often found in mono colour. There are various fabrics found in that type of sweaters depending on their qualities and their qualities depends on their rate. V- neck plain pattern sweaters looks simple but classy.
V-neck sweaters can go up as a semi- formal wear and as well as sometimes as a casual wear also. The colour of the sweaters plays big roll whether it should be wear as a formal wear or as a casual wear. 

Tips for styling V-neck No pattern men’s sweaters. 

  • It is has to be wear as a men’s formal winter wear, because a formal dress should be simple and comfortable, that’s why this sweater is perfect for a formal occasion beacuse they are patternless, Monocoloured. 
  • A men adjusting his tie which is under a V-neck sweater.
  • The best colours for using this sweater as a formal wear are; black, grey, brown, maroon, blue etc. 
  • If you are pairing it with a trouser, keep in mind that the sweater colour should match your pant colour but not apparently. Means if your sweater is in dark colour then your pants should also in dark. 
  • For Pairing it with shirt you should keep in mind that if your sweater colour is dark then your shirt colour should be light vice-versa if your sweater colour is light then your shirt colour should be dark. 
  • Because this sweater is in V-neck it has enough space to show up a necktie. So, it is perfect to wear it on a shirt along with a neck tie.
  • If you wearing it as formal or semi formal wear then let the cuff of your sleeves show a little bit. it gives a stylish look to your sweater. 
  • If you are going to use it as casual wear then the best colour for wearing v-neck plain sweaters is some light colours like; light blue, orange, cream colour etc. Dark red should also go for casuals. 
  • Wearing it as a casual then you can roll your sleeves up to the sweatersit gives a elegant and badass look to your outfit. 

Round neck (pattern sweaters) 

The second stylish type of sweater is also a type of round neck sweaters the difference is that they have patterns and design on it. It cannot be wear on a place where formal/semi formal or bussiness casual wearing is essential it can only go with casual wearing places like;street styling, in colleges, for going markets etc. It comes in various designs and patterns. The pattern sweaters are often in exaggerated form, means they are in more than one colour. I will tell you here about some stylish patterns on round neck men sweaters you can style. 

Tips For styling pattern round neck sweaters

  • Do not wear those sweaters which have more than three colours. It means the whole sweater shoul be in maximum three colours, because we are men and a men do not wear a rainbow that’s why keep in mind the pattern with maximum three colours. 
  • The one pattern of round neck sweaters which is very trendy and also stylish is a horizontal stripe pattern sweater these are patterns of desogn comes in various colours. It can pair up with jeans, chinos joggers etc. 
  •  If your pairing it with shirts then mind that the collar of your shirt should be tuck in uner the sweter’s collar. 
  • When you are wearing a colourful sweater keep in mind that the other items you are wearing like pants and shirts should be match your sweater colour. 
  • For more further tips you can take it from the round neck plain and v- neck plain sweater’s tips which are in this post. 

Round neck (No pattern sweaters) 

Two mens are walink on the road wearing a crew neck sweater.
Ths most stylish and wearable sweater is a plain round neck sweater. It is also my personal favourite if you do not have a pair of this type sweater then you do not have in to it really, you should must own this elegant types of sweater. 
Peoples are wearing round neck sweaters without shirt like a round neck T-shirts and it looks awesome as a casual wear. So, you can also wear sweater like a T-shirt lots of people used to called it as a sweat-shirts. 

Tips for styling round neck sweater 
(No Pattern) 

  • If you wanted to wear your sweater like t-shirts, like in sweat-shirts style, like as shown inright side of the below image, then buy little bit bigger size sweater for you. 
  • Two mens wearing plain one colour crew neck sweaters.
  • First wear a wide neck T-shirt and then wear your sweater. 
  • The t-shirt you are wearing under sweater should be half sleeves or full sleves. 
  • If T-shirt’s end is long and in any cut or design or curvy then it will look more classy, then you can show of your T-shirts you are wearing under. 
  • If you are wearing your sweater with shirts then go for a sweater which fits perfectly on your body. 
  • If your shirt have curvy end then, do not tuck in your shirt let them show. 
  • Roll your sleeves over shirt for showing of your shirt or show a thin line of your shirt sleeve’s cuff. 
  • Other colour and wearing tips is similar like described in V-neck(plain) , and round neck(patterned) tips. 

Hooded sweaters

A guy is sitting on stairs, wearing a hooded sweater.
It is the next and very different type of sweater actually we don’t know it as a sweater we often called it only hoodie. But hoodie is also a part of sweates. They are available in various design also like; zipped hoodies, No pocket hoodie, pocketed hoodies, slim fit hoodies, loose fit hoodies. 
But here I’ll describe here only best type and design of a hoodie to wear as a stylish men. 
A stylish hoodie are the trend of today’s menwear. It is wear as a casual wear and every fashion lover are wearing this. The reason behind that, hoodies are stylish, comfortable and protective wear for winters. So, what are you waiting for just you have to do is you should must have some place in your wardrobe for hoodies in winters. Styling and buying a hooded sweater for your body is my work just follow the tips. 

Tips for styling men’s hooded sweaters 

  • If you want style then always go for a pull over hooded sweaters, it is the best type of hooded sweater for you. 
  • Two guys wearing hooded sweaters in two different ways.
  • Own loose fit pull over hoodies for casual wear and wear another item as a inner wear under it for mild winters. 
  • If you are wearing it keep in mind that the parts of inner wear items should not be shoen from the collar. 
  • You can let show your innerwear’s waist end if it has a stylish cut on it.
  • For severe winters a style lots of people are wearing this sweater is wearing it like a under layer item. Mean, you can wear it under a jacket in which do not have big collar like a bomber jacket because they have already a cap joint with it. 
  • When you are buying a hoodie keep in mind that it should have elsatic on the sleeves and the waist end. Beacuse hoodies are wear oftenl in little bit bigger size then this elastic will help to control that size. 
  • Do not buy exaggerated hooded sweaters, means the hooded sweaters with lots of patrern and colours are not for a stylish studs. 
  • Buy plain colour, or 3 colours with simple design or a shoulder striped design hooded sweater these are best references for you. 

High neck sweaters

A guy is busy in their PC, wearing a high neck sweater under a long coat.
This is my second favorite type of sweater. The high neck it is a sweater with a high collar which covers the whole neck. You would definitely see lots of style influencers are wearing this. The special thing in this sweater that it is simple to style and which increases your style. The high neck sweaters are also comes with various patterns, in various designs and in different colours. Like; zipped neck high neck sweaters, linen design high neck sweaters and plain design high neck sweaters. 
So, let us see what efforts you have to put if you wanted to show off with high neck sweaters and increase your attractiveness. 

Tips for styling high-neck sweaters

  • As usual the first tip is buy a fit high neck sweaters for you. 
  • For Low cold weather, first wear any inner wear T-shirt and then this sweater. 
  • You can wear it with jeans and trousers also. 
  • Keep in mind if you are wearing jeans do not tuckin the sweaters. For trousers you can tuck in it, if your sweater is thin. 
  • There are some high neck sweaters are available with zip on their neck if you can handle a over style then you should go for it, but if you are simple style lover then I would suggest do not buy it. 
  • For severe cold we need some layering for protecting us and this sweater goes also best with this. You can wear a jacket, coat or suit over it it will protect you from cold and also a cool style. 
  • Wearing it as a inner wear for severe cold is noe in trend every studs used to wear this sweater in this way, you can also try it. 

Shawl collar sweaters

A guy is reading news paper, wearing a shawl collar sweater.
The another type of sweater you can style with. It is a sweater with thick collar basically designs for protecting our neck from cold and as well as it looks cool after wearing. The second name of this mens sweater style is The Cardigan. The shawl collar sweater have varities of types are available we cannot describe about every shawl collar sweater, here. Some famous and stylish types of mens shawl collar sweater are – 

Buttoned shawl collar sweater

A guy, wearing a buttoned shawl collar sweater
The buttoned shawl collar sweaters are another typ of shawl collar sweaters, majority of peoples are wearing this type of shawl collar sweaters now a days. It is also in two types the first one is full button shawl collar sweater, it is the sweater in which whole sweater closed with the button and the second one is half buttoned shawl collar sweaters, these are basically a pull overs type sweaters they have buttons from neck to chest end. 

Zipped shawl collar sweaters

This a type type of sweater which have shawl collar in it and this is a type of shawl collar sweater in which zipped are given at the cener of the chest for giving it a elegant look. In the mens zipped shawl collar they are also in two types half zipped shawl collar and full zipped shawl collar sweater. 

No-zip and button shawl collar sweaters

Two different images of mens cardigans
They are main design of men’s cardigan they long thick collar but no zip to close the center of thst sweater they are always opened. You have to wear a stylish inner wear and then this mens cardigan sweater. Then ot will look perfect on you. 

Tips for styling shawl collar sweater. 

Do not wear a jacket or coat over it because it has also a thick fabric and a stylish collar by wearing a item over it, it will ruin everything. 
Wear collar less inner wear under that sweater because they have already collar with it. 
If you are wearing no zipped type men’s shawl collar sweater then you should wear a stylish round t-shirt under it because it will gonna show. 

Normal collar sweaters

The last type of mens sweater the reason I’m keeping it last that I don’t like it much personally but there are many gents who liked to wear it that’s why it is in the list. 
Men’s Normal collar sweaters are the sweaters which have normal collar like a normal shirt have. There are different varities of this sweater are available like;zipped, buttoned and many more. 

Tips for styling men’s sweater with normal collar

  • Do not let your collar rough always make it nicer. 
  • I would recommend that do not wear it with a normal collar shirt because it has also a collar and it will mess up the style. But, If you still wearing it over shirts then keep in mind that the shirt collar should not be over your sweater’s collar. 
  • Wear it with no collar T-shirts and chinese collar shirts it will be best for you. 
  • And futher tips are same as described in different sweaters. 


They are some men’s sweaters which are trendy, classy and stylish I described here. But there are still lots of varities which I could not describe may be you like that like; no sleeves sweaters and all. But if you are a style lover and fashion freak men then you should try these sweaters styles mens I described here,because they are on top in style priority list. 
Talikng about styling a sweater the different sweaters have similar styling ways that I do not wanted to describe that same way in every single mens sweater styling tips, so you have to read every tips given on any of the sweater here and you can apply it on yOURr type of sweater by your way. 


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