Hair loss in teenage guys: determining, causes, treatment.

Hair is falling out in male at teen age.

My hair started falling out in last months of 2019 at that time I was 17 years old. In starting  of some weeks I could not get that my hair is falling out. I thought this is normal, the hairs which I am loosing is completed their life cycle that is why they are falling.

Hair loss treatment teens- in frame=SANGYANU

Near about 2  weeks when my hair was started falling in more quantity. Then I was started scaring about my hairs. Whenever I got up from bed I did found more than 40-50 hairs on my pillow, at showering time when I put my hands on my head I found lot's of hairs in my hands. After showering when I did started combing my hair then it seemed like my comb is kind of filled with hair.
I found my hair everywhere like on floors in wash basin, in food etc.
After all this I started taking stress, why my hair is falling, how I would treat it?. I couldn't do any work, I always kept thinking about my falling hair.
 Then I started searching on Internet why my hair is falling, is that is normal, some treatment solution etc. Some post helped me out to understand how I treat my hair fall.
This post is especially for those who have hair fall problem in teenage men, I've written this post about how I overcome from my hair fall problem and I thought it would be helpful for some men also who are suffering from hair fall, for their hair fall treatment in starting stages

How to know that my hair is falling out?

 This is the first thing I started searching about is my hair is falling out seriously?? or it is normal. Then I found some symptoms of hair falling in men.
The first and best way of determining of hair fall that I found after browsing through so many sites is that.
When you are going for shampooing your hair, apply water and then shampoo in your hair and after that the very first time when you put your hands on your head and move your hands all over your head. Now see your hands the no. Of hairs you found on your hands multiply it 20x times it is your minimum hair fall at a day. Like; if you find 10 hairs in your hands then multiply it with 20 =200. So minimum your hair loss is 200 per day. See it is minimum it can be exceeded but never less than that.
100-150 hairfall is normal per day.
If you find more than 10 hair in your hands at oiling or shampooing time. Then it is crucial.
If you find your pillow is filled with hairs after get up in the morning then your hair is falling.

Causes of hair loss in teenage guys. 

Treatment of hair loss for teens

Using wrong hair products. 

At teenage we all wanted to look stylish and we all know that our hair plays a big roll in making us stylish, and that is why we apply different types of hair products on our hair for looking cool. 
Sometimes that hair products damages our hair and make them weak and they started falling out. 
Wrong nutrients intake from diet. 

This could be a reason why your hair is started falling out in such a teenage. You would not taking that nutrients which are essential for your hair strength and growth. 
Some essential nutrients are necessary for your hairs proper growth and strength. You can get these nutrients in your diet. But if your diet have lack of these nutrients then it is the reason. Like mine ;in my diet when my hair fall started I was had usually less vitamin-E in my diet in it is mine reason, why my hair started lossing. 


If you think excessively and take tension in your mind then it could be a reason. But usually in teenage it is in some cases. 

Genetic problem

It could be  heredity, if your father or fore father hairs is in less density in their 30-50 age then It could be a reason, why your hair is falling out. 

Natural treatment of hair loss in teenage guys.

Stop using any hair product

Whenever you realised that your hair fall is not normal and it is in critical condition then stop using any hair products, which you were using at the time your hairfall started. Any shampoo, conditioner, oil, hair gel etc. Any hair products stop using them. Because one of them could be a cause of your hair fall. So the first thing is you have to do is stop using your old hair products.

Do not go bald

When our hair started falling then, there are some countries have a myth that going bald is a solution of getting rid from hairfall, and when anyone's hair is started falling then everyone suggest that go bald and it will recover your hair fall.
But no body gives their reason that it is true or only a myth?? So I'm gonna tell you that going bald is not an solution of getting rid from hair fall, it is not an option for your hair fall treatment.
If you go bald, then your hair size gets smaller but your hair still falls, but the difference is that you could not see that just because of their size.
Some body says that by going bald your head gets nutrients easily, when you use any hair fall reducing products . But I don't think in that way you can provide nutrients to your hair on that current size also. See, if you go bald then it takes more than 6 months to regain your hair and at that time you can not estimate your hair fall.
In my case, When my hair is started falling on that time as I say many person or that myth's believers asked me to go bald I was in stressed at that time I've no idea elsewhere listening their convo. I'm just about to balding my hair on a night but a friend of mine suggested that it was too late think that night and you can bald your hair on next morning. That is the time I stopped from going bald and started searching and concluded that I do not bald my hair even if my hair falls or stay.
So, at that time the thing which I does is I go to the barber and asked him to cut my hair small just that. After cutting my hair remains 3-4cm. long and it is suitable hair length for me at that crucial time. It help me too easily provide hair nutrients directly on their roots as well as I could style them.

Shampooing and oiling

As I say at that time I was not using any old products which I was using at the time, my hair started falling. After that the third and last thing what I do with my hair is that I started applying just two nutritive products for my hair.
The first is shampoo I realise that my hair is getting thin, then I thought that it could be the reason why my hair is falling, because at that time I was using a shampoo which provided hair good shine and silkyness. So I stopped using that shampoo and started using a shampoo which will make my hair strong and thick. So, I found a shampoo with both quality and started applying it on my hair.

You can find how to apply shampoo an oil correctly on your head Here: Hair care routine tips
The second one is oil. Basically before my hair fall started till then I was not using any oil on my head. But some times I used two or three different types of oil recently at that time for shining my hair. I think that was my biggest mistake then after researching through many sites and many oils the one which helped me for treatment of my hair fall.
So, I used to apply oil on my hair which was rich in vitamin-E see, lack of vitamin-E is a very big reason why our hair fall at young age, and I started using it and it helps me alot.