Most effective Men's Abs workout, you can do at home.

Six pack abs is most attractive body parts for men's. A chubby stomach will never make you stylish and smart you have to loose your belly fat. That is not necessary to go gym for getting a fit and attractive body. You can perform your workout at home and can achieve a attractive body which is ideal for men's.
Here I am back again with new blog post this post is all about how to get abs for men's at home without gym, abs workout plan. Anyone can do this abs workout for beginners,teen boys and men.
Most effective sixpack excercises collection

You guys have to perform all these abs workout excercises(below) atleast 5-6 days in every week and you will get a better result guarnteed.

1.Cycling crunches
The first excercise is the cycling crunches. This excercise targets on your abs and core. You have to do at least 20 cycling crunches at a time. Do as fast as you can. For beginners perform this cycling crunch excercise for 20 sec.

Steps to perform cycling crunches perfectly...

  • First lay down on a plain surface
  • Put your both hands behind your head
  • Expand your both legs in air don't touch your legs to ground while performing this excercise.(this is your first position)
  • Now bend your left leg and turn your head at left side and now try to touch your legs with your right elbow(like as upper image).
  • Now again go back in first position. And this time bend your right leg and try to touch your left hand's elbow with that leg.
  • Repeat this process and try to perform 1cycling crunch/sec.
 2.Flutter kicks
After performing the first excercise rest for 15 seconds. Take your position in between these 15 seconds Now the second one is the flutter kicks. This excercise is effective for loosing your fat around your tummy area. After loosing the fat, you can find your abs that is why this excercise is much useful for loosing fat and enhancing abs.

Steps for performing flutter kicks perfectly...

  • Lay down on a plain surface.
  • Expand your both legs in the air, don't let them touch in ground in this excercise.
  • Now raise your head up against the surface.(this is your start position)
  • After taking the position, now raise your one leg up wothout bending it as high as you can.
  • Now go back in start position, and this time raise your other leg as high as you can and now come back again.
  • Repeat this process 30 times for beginners do this excercise for 30 sec. At any speed.

 3.Leg raises
This exceecise is similar like flutter kicks excercise, but it effects differently on your abs. It effect on your lower abs. So, after performing flutter kicks rest for 15sec. And take position for leg raises excercise.

Steps for performing leg raises excercise...

  • Lay down straight on plain surface.
  • Expand your leg. Lift up your leg and head from ground. And take start position(like flutter kicks excercise explained above).
  • Now raise your both legs at same time as high as you can.
  • Again go back in start position, repeat this process for 20 times and 20 sec. For beginners.
  • When your doing this excercise don't let your head and leg touch the ground. And also don't move your hand.
4.knee Crunches
The fourth excercise is knee crunches it is very popular and effective abs excercise for abs. It effects most fastly to enhance your abs. The knee crunches effects on almost all over area of your abs. After doing leg raises rest for 15 sec. and again set your body in knee crunches excercise position.

Steps for doing knee crunches excercise...

  • As usual lay down on plain surface.
  • Take your both hand behind your head and bed your legs from knees.(like as  in upper image).
  • Now bring your head and chest upside from the ground in that position. Lift them as high as you can.
  • Now go back again in start position again lift them...repeat this process for 20 sec.
  • Don't let your leg move from their can ask anyone to hold your legs.
5.Elbow plank
The last and easy( but not much), excercise is elbow plank. This excercise forces on your abs to let them enhance and show on your stomach. You should perform this excercise at last because it works at a resting excercise too. You can give your body rest in that position.

Steps to follow for doing elbow prank...

  • Put your front body part toward the surface and lift your body with the help of your elbow and legs toes.(like as seen in image)
  • Stay in this position for atleast 1 minutes.
  • Keep your stomach area tight and breath slowly.

Extra tips

Perform all these excercise at one time and take 15 sec. Rest after compeleting one excercise.
Do not breath with your mouth always try to breath with your nose while performing these excercises.
For more effect do not loose your stomach try to make it tight while performing these excercises.


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